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The Alpha's Abused Mate. (On Hold!)

The Alpha's Abused Mate. (On Hold!)

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Tess By TTKinz Updated Oct 16, 2015

Luna is a 16 year old girl and she's a werewolf, but she doesn't know that yet. Her mother is dead and her father is an alpha, but he also abuses her. She cuts herself to make the pain go away and it works, for a while anyway. She's going to a new school and is trying to avoid people so she doesn't get beat. What happens when she is attacked by dogs, that just so happen to belong to her mate? Will he reject her? Will she be to afraid to except him? Read and find out. 

This book contains strong language, graphic violence/absuse, and sexual content. 

This is my first story, so please don't judge. I haven't finished it yet, but will try to update every day. Comment if you have suggestions or if you like it. 

Ocean_shadow Ocean_shadow Jan 24, 2016
Luna's image that u used look exactly like my freind ashley!!!😍
Depression4EverLost Depression4EverLost Dec 29, 2015
Why a great way to start the day! I can't wait! *note the sarcasm*
mcfrickingmichael mcfrickingmichael Jun 15, 2015
This is an amazing story so far! I have no idea why it isn't more popular. Keep writing!
killerdragon143 killerdragon143 Feb 22, 2015
really good i dont know why more people haven't viewed it!!! Carry on!!!