Save me

Save me

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➰Panda.➰ By ImPanda_Girl Updated Nov 19

Madison James, seventeen year old werewolf,  is miserable. Her father abuses her every day for stupid reasons like tripping over her own two feet, her mother left her when she was ten years old, she and her father are technically considered rouges. Need I go on?

But when she meets Blake, her mate, everything changes. He is the light to her darkness. The beat of her heart. That is until she is raped by daddy dearest. Now, every time he looks at her, disgust fills his eyes and his fist clenched with hate. Why? An alpha cant have a cheating mate for a Luna. But what he doesn't know, is Madi is innocent, sort of. 

When he finds out the truth, Blake will do anything to help Madi, but the question is, will Madi want to be saved?
On top of everything Madi discovers dangerous secrets about her and her past, endangering everyone she loves. A war is coming, but who will win.

2019kellylg 2019kellylg Oct 08
It's great so far! What I find makes stories stand out is if you describe the pain they're feeling but it's really good,
I think that ur doing great! Keep up the amazing work! ( P.S. I think that ur doing better than my story, The Last Fox Shifter. )