Temples and Tablets: the Eyes of the Jaguar

Temples and Tablets: the Eyes of the Jaguar

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victoriaStephan By victoriaStephan Updated Jun 10

Journey to the edges of civilization and find the hidden treasures in the deep and dangerous jungles of Panama!

Professor Steve 'aka the Jaguar' is at it again, barely surviving his latest escapade, he stumbles upon yet another opportunity he simply cannot resist!  After solving the dangerous riddles of Stonehenge and conquering the Mayan temple of Forgiveness, Prof. Steve comes across an ancient coin engraved with a crocodile god he finds oh so familiar... and it might just happen to be the key he needs, to solve one of his favorite mysteries.  

Last but not least, guess what?


You are Professor Steve! Yes, that's right! Become 'the Jaguar' for one unforgettable adventure and uncover the golden secrets of the Jungle yourself. Enter a world where nature is the only law and see if you can make it out, 



Everything in this book is completely and entirely fictional.

Cover by  @Ferret-bird
Banners by @panaceica