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If I Fall || A Zorobin fanfic [[editing]] by rinkunai
If I Fall || A Zorobin fanfic [[ Rin/Riri ♡
"Help me to fall in love with you." Zoro spat out his drink, looking at her incredulously as if she's gone insane. "Have you lost your mind, you damn woma...
A wish come true by diapered_dragon
A wish come trueby Dragon707slayer
A man finds himself wanting to be a furry, a diaper-fur to be exact. One day, he finds out that there is a magic well that grants any wish once. But is his wish truly wh...
Tomb Raider - Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel by LAC1940
Tomb Raider - Carol Danvers/ Lindsay
"Higher, further, faster, baby!" The pager was only for emergencies, but every so often Captain Carol Danvers will return to earth to visit her friends there...
Born of Shadow - Book 1 (complete) by SarahBensonBooks
Born of Shadow - Book 1 (complete)by Sarah
On her seventeenth birthday, Kami receives a mysterious artifact and a ticket to visit her estranged grandparents in Egypt. When she arrives, no one is there to meet her...
My Jewel - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle by LAC1940
My Jewel - Jumanji: Welcome to Lindsay
We all know the story of how Alex Vreeke was sucked away from our world and into the game Jumanji. But what about when a character from the game gets sucked into our wo...
T-taehyung? 》Taekook by Winterbunny97_95
T-taehyung? 》Taekookby WinterBunny97_95
A story based on two lovers in 1980 A detective ,his lover and a obsessive serial killer that reincarnated as a prosecutor,an archaeologist and a medical student What h...
Guardian Adventure: Earth Saga by Leo_Ross
Guardian Adventure: Earth Sagaby Gascon Castro Leo
A legendary man who wrote a book of information about a certain weapon called, Perses Ring. The weapon is cost everything in this world and the most powerful ancient wea...
Artifact by RowanShaw
Artifactby Rowan Shaw
A brilliant young Researcher must use a stolen magical artifact to get revenge on the most powerful secret organization in the world. ...
The Lost Sepulchre by bibliolumbricus
The Lost Sepulchreby Cate
THE ARTIFACT GUARDIANS | BOOK TWO There's a bounty on Leila Sterling's head. Unaware, she doesn't understand why she's being chased through the streets of Cairo by an as...
Young Indiana Jones by vertigo_go_go
Young Indiana Jonesby Juliet_Capulet
Indiana Jones is desperately trying to stop the looting of archeological sites in his hometown, his father has continued to restrict and ignore him despite his ambition...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
The Sidenstrasse Tapestry: An Indiana Jones Fan-Fiction by A_R_Mitchell
The Sidenstrasse Tapestry: An A_R_Mitchell
In 1945 archaeologist Indiana Jones was called on one last mission. Now, even in 1960, it haunts him as his youngest daughter, Emily Jones - just as rough and tumble an...
Diary Of An Archaeologist [Wattys 2019 Non-fiction Winner] by Alatary
Diary Of An Archaeologist [ Alatary
As a little girl I loved Indiana Jones, not Harrison Ford, no, Indy. I dreamed about one day exploring ancient temples just like him. Now, as an adult, many say I am a...
Wary Wings (Book 2 of The Angel Chronicles) by Triszjhkha
Wary Wings (Book 2 of The Angel Alpha.Female.Buttercup
Huntress is back, now with Romeo Lee as her ally after their little adventure outside NSA got them more than each other’s trust but unwanted attention from higher beings...
Forgotten Dreams of Eternity: Lost Odyssey: Thousand Years of Dreams by AKBoy58
Forgotten Dreams of Eternity: AKBoy58
A science fiction novel with 33 short stories foretelling the forgotten dreams of Kaim, A immortal who has lived over more than a thousand years. This novel is based on...
On Earth's Altar by Frode92
On Earth's Altarby G. F. Berntsen
The discovery of a prehistoric body sets in motion a cataclysmic chain of events long prophesied by mystics. . . . Still grieving his mother's death, Seattle bachelor Pe...
The Bloodstone Prophecy - Book 2 (complete) by SarahBensonBooks
The Bloodstone Prophecy - Book 2 ( Sarah
The series continues with Book 2 in The Shadow Wars series: THE BLOODSTONE PROPHECY, the sequel to Born of Shadow! Kami and her friends are racing from the shadow creatu...
Rusty Halo (Book 3 of The Angel Chronicles) by Triszjhkha
Rusty Halo (Book 3 of The Angel Alpha.Female.Buttercup
You think Romeo and Juliet had problems? Meet Huntress and Romeo Lee… or is it Aengelle and Romeo Lee? With Huntress still existing divine side, taking anything further...
The Thorn Watch by Falconjerer12
The Thorn Watchby Dirus Calder
In the elven kingdom of Tharros, a group of young adults reform a group of elite warriors. Upon the ruins of the ancient Harthean Empire, the men who destroyed an ancien...
The Vagabond (Book 2) by swansgarden
The Vagabond (Book 2)by Evelyn
*Second Book of the Time Traveler Series* "In our choices, lie our fate. It tells us that it is our only companion. It is in fact our enemy that lurks in the shado...