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Percy Jackson x Reader  by a_mythical_creature
Percy Jackson x Reader by The girl with a mind
Training. That's all you ever do. You are what they call a warrior. Each year, the Aztec Gods choose four warriors to battle the very Gods themselves. But what if you're...
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The Champion Thoroughbred by WiccanWitch1301
The Champion Thoroughbredby Sydney Callaghan
Horseland is expecting a new horse and rider. But this duo isn't your average pair. The horse is a racehorse and winner of the Triple Tiara! The rider, none other than t...
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Horseland: Will x Reader by universewolf
Horseland: Will x Readerby universewolf
WELCOME ONE & ALL TO MY FIRST STORY. I decided to write this since I watched this show when I was little. I got bored and decided to write this. This is a Will x reader...
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THOR ─ FANCASTS by mythologeeks
FANCASTS (noun.) 1. someone's vision on how certain characters of a fictional piece are portrayed ─ IN WHICH THE ADMINS GIVE YOU THEIR VERSIONS OF WHAT THE GODS, GODDESS...
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Silver Jungle by TheJadeWarrior
Silver Jungleby Carissa Jade
Dani Linds has always felt like he's missing. It's always been attributed to the fact he was found at age six, without any memory of where he came from. Eleven years lat...
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I See Fire ❖ by SmokeAndOranges
I See Fire ❖by A.B. Channing
A hundred years after a disease incinerated human society, a descendent of the survivors is dragged into a war she didn't know existed. The Aztec gods are fighting for t...
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Horseland: Chloe & Zoe Oldest Sister ( Will Love Story ) by sekarpramesti
Horseland: Chloe & Zoe Oldest sekarpramesti
Chloe & Zoe are a twin sisters but what will happen if their oldest sister came to Horseland. And what will happen if Will met their oldest sister. And what will happen...
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Unhappy by Silverhorse321
Unhappyby Beth
Scarlet is loved. She is loved by her owner, Sarah, her stallion, Aztec, and her filly, Amber. Yet, something's wrong. She's depressed. Amber is growing up, and she no l...
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Time is Running (Will xOC) by _Feya__
Time is Running (Will xOC)by _Feya__
Lina is coming from Austrailia. She's your average teen Girl. Now she's moving to a Ranch called Horseland, running from the past.
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The colorful death by iwastemytimereading
The colorful deathby iwastemytimereading
This is mainly about a girl named Juliet and a boy named Tim. They meet while skateboarding and become friends. But everything changes when Juliet goes missing and when...
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EL Dorado: Miguel x Reader by FanfictionWorks
EL Dorado: Miguel x Readerby FanfictionWorks
A story about you and the beloved Miguel! Travel all the way to El Dorado with the two men, help them through out there con, fight off a gaint stone jaguar and fall in l...
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Horseland: Sarah twin sister ( Will Love Story...) by sekarpramesti
Horseland: Sarah twin sister ( sekarpramesti
Sarah is not the only child of Withney, she had a twin sister name Zarah Withney but she's older then Sarah. But when Zarah find out that her sister at Horseland she dec...
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𝙂𝙪𝙞𝙙𝙚 by rhyssande
𝙂𝙪𝙞𝙙𝙚by ₰𝖗𝖚𝖙𝖍𝖎 ₰𝖗𝖎𝖉𝖍𝖆𝖗
❛i cannot do all the good that the world needs. but the world needs all the good that i can do.❜ ── in which i give you essential details and backgrounds to my stories.
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Tricks of the Trade by WiccanWitch1301
Tricks of the Tradeby Sydney Callaghan
A famous trick rider is coming to Horseland. Will they be accepted by the other kids? And what will happen when something goes wrong on a trail ride and only the new rid...
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Listen up! (Will x Oc) by ItsJustCe
Listen up! (Will x Oc)by C.W
A new Girl comes to the Ranch Horseland, she tries her best to be a friend to everyone. But not everyone is friendly...... ...
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Black Winged Anahi by PatterPrints
Black Winged Anahiby MomokoFaust
"Because of this." He growled, pushing her against the wall of a hut and kissed her hard. Anahi fisted her right hand and meant to hit him, but he gripped her...
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THE ORIGINALS "i don't know what a cellphone is - is it a weapon?" [an immortal resurrected in twenty first century new orleans] ( season 2 onwards )
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The Riding Diary || Horseland (S1) Fanfic {Will Taggert LS} by CosmicNebula99
The Riding Diary || Horseland (S1) Songbird
Jane Whitney didn't really expect much to happen when she comes back to America with her horse, Gypsy. But that all changed when Jane's parents sign her up to go to a ho...
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Scarlet and Aztec - A Horseland Fanfic by TheRealJelly123
Scarlet and Aztec - A Horseland Jelly123
Aztec is a handsome Kiger Mustang stallion who can be kind of a grump at times. He's in love with Scarlet, who is a beautiful Arabian mare but doesn't have the same feel...
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🌜Your Bravery Than You Think 🌛 Horseland "Will Love Story" by sekarpramesti
🌜Your Bravery Than You Think 🌛 sekarpramesti
🍃 A Friends Once Told Me " Your Bravery Than You Think " turns out they were right. Don't ever forget that...because I see inside you that you didn't, and rem...
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