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A wild man's primal instinct. *Completed* by obsession_tc
A wild man's primal instinct. *Com...by obsession_tc
Inspired by Tarzan** Shipwrecked at three years old, Angus has known nothing but the jungle he now calls home. Faced with survival day in day out and all alone, he never...
Jungle Fever (BoyxBoy) (NSFW) 18+ by CaliPalms
Jungle Fever (BoyxBoy) (NSFW) 18+by 🌴CaliPalms🌴
Benny Milton is the prized son of Reginald Milton and heir to the Milton Safari Group. Having lived a life of privilege, Benny had started to become bored with his daily...
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Feral Woman by BookDragonNotWorm5
Feral Womanby Alexandria Chess
[COMPLETED] *Used to be called Feral* In hopes that she would live after her village had been burnt to the ground, Mika was sent adrift on a raft built for one when she...
The Girl and the Lions by _Camo_Strike_
The Girl and the Lionsby JustSomeRandomOtaku
What would happen if you got pushed into the lion exhibit at the zoo? Well that's what happened to Dawn. Dawn is a 14 year old 8th grade girl with long brown hair and s...
The Lost Daughter Of A Legend by alphaoflight
The Lost Daughter Of A Legendby alphaoflight
What if Jane and Tarzan didn't lose the baby but instead gave birth to a baby girl named Jillian as the couple welcome there newest member to the family tragedy happened...
Zion by Wolf_Flower
Zionby 😴
A baby amazon girl named Zye crawls away from camp but as she crawls away she later sees a huge creature that the who tribe fears.
Jungle Lovers by JillyBean30
Jungle Loversby JillyBean30
Janie finds herself lost in a jungle on an island she and her father washed ashore on. Tajo is a mysterious stranger who comes to her aid, but is he friend or foe?
Invisible [A Yautja Fanfic] (1) ✓ by xenoX323
Invisible [A Yautja Fanfic] (1) ✓by ⇜ Xeno X ⇝
{ Currently being rewritten } #1 in #yautja (7/23/17) #1 in #predator (8/10/17) "I swear, the creature just, took him!" "How do you know!?" "Cau...
Orphaned [The Jungle Book] {1} by katherinep97
Orphaned [The Jungle Book] {1}by Katherine
One night at the jungle, a black panther name Bagheera, found a dying human, a woman, near by a cave, looking at a small cub, a girl. Curious and worried, Bagheera walke...
Stranded Bickers | ✔ by _shinja_
Stranded Bickers | ✔by ⌜ ✿ ⌟
"Shut up, stupid! Do you want to pay that huge amount of fine?" "As if they're standing outside our door with their ears pressed to it." "They c...
The First and The Last (A Creepypasta X Reader) by reastabc
The First and The Last (A Creepypa...by CaitCat
This is a story about Slenderman's first proxy. Now, of course, this story must start at the beginning, when he first meets you. Set in the 1800s, you meet Slenderman af...
A Therapy Pet Like No Other  by MachaBoba
A Therapy Pet Like No Other by bri
After watching his mother die, finding out he was quirkless and his father abandoning him izuku could say he didn't have the best of luck yet there was something that ke...
Away From Reality - Jack Maynard - IM A CELEBRITY - COMPLETE by DogsSox231
Away From Reality - Jack Maynard...by DogsSox231
#1 in I'm A Celeb Fanfics! COMPLETE - Jack Maynard - Campmate / YouTube Star. Holly Richmond - Campmate / Youtube Star. When the pair meet in the depths of the Australi...
|The Girl Who Cried, Raptor 2| Jurassic World & Camp Cretaceous  by ThatOneToasterBear
|The Girl Who Cried, Raptor 2| Jur...by ThatOneToasterBear
SEQUEL TO MY FIRST BOOK, THE GIRL WHO CRIED RAPTOR!! (Previously called CAMP WANNA DIE) (Set Six Weeks After The Events Of Book One) When Vivienne Grady and her loyal g...
The Blood Of Heart Pendant (Saving His Heart) by star_buns
The Blood Of Heart Pendant (Saving...by ESTHER OLUM
COMPLETED ✅/editing ❌. His name is Morris. He has ruled the mafia for ten years since his cousin stepped down for him. He is quite outgoing and very unpredictable, quali...
Jungle Fury: The Orange Ranger by TyForestWrites
Jungle Fury: The Orange Rangerby TyForestWrites
|Book II| Stryder Oliver's Dino Thunder adventure may have ended, but his journey has just begun... After graduating from college, he found a place to stay and work in a...
The Girl Who Sold Herself on Ebay by Jessabellx
The Girl Who Sold Herself on Ebayby Jess
Would YOU trust someone who bought you off Ebay? Grace is sick of being labelled a snob because of her money. She's sick of her backstabbing friends and her mansion o...
Alluring Prevarications by Sonali61
Alluring Prevaricationsby Sonali61
Nandini Murthy is 26. An exceptionally qualified doctor from Harvard , Boston. A strong headed individual having passion for oncology (Cancer) research . Manik Malhotra...
Im a celebrity get me out of here 2013 *on hold* by Winterbear_11
Im a celebrity get me out of here...by Tae’sWinterBear
Lauren styles sister to harry styles is a singer,model and actress who plays katniss in the hunger games. She entered I'm a celebrity but did not expect to get so close...
Falling Vines ⸙ Warriors Inspired Command Game by aqziiea-
Falling Vines ⸙ Warriors Inspired...by ⇢ 𝒶𝓏𝒶𝓁𝑒𝒶ˎˊ˗ ꒰🌺꒱
"Will you let VineClan rise? ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ Welcome to Falling Vines! This is a command game that takes place in the rainforest. It has a Discord, DM @aqziiea- (me...