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Nemesis - Book 3 of the Hunted series. by Corinder
Nemesis - Book 3 of the Hunted ser...by Corinder
Werewolf bite. Gift, right? Not really. Anne, and countless other women, were bitten, tortured, harrassed, assulted and held against their will for months before she esc...
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Lost (fifth harmony/you) by 1996Vibes
Lost (fifth harmony/you)by Saleen
Y/n Sanchez was a quiet anti-social 18year old, what happens when Y/n is kidnapped as bait to her brothers trap? Almost seeking her death in a helicopter crash deep in t...
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Disarranged (Pidgance) by PerrythePlatypusGirl
Disarranged (Pidgance)by Maria
Pidge was content with her life as it was, staying with her family and creating robots in secret. But then her life is turned upside down when she realizes that she's ar...
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Zootopia: Month of Wow  by FortuitousPercent
Zootopia: Month of Wow by Senara
Zootopia seems to always change, even the districts. Everything is dynamic. But what if... Dynamic is only standing still? What if there's some sort of motional force...
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Plance One Shots by 11938c
Plance One Shotsby @11938c aka Ethan
This is going to be a series of one shots for plance, from Volton Legendary Defender. If you have any suggestions on stories let me know. I WILL NOT BE DOING ANY SMUT OR...
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Plance oneshots  by aresloves
Plance oneshots by Mick is alright
i just don't really see this ship often Wattpad so.... here we go
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The Lost Girls  by not-the-mermaid
The Lost Girls by •°•`𝒶𝒾𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓁 °•°
Shortlisted for the Wattys 2018! BOOK 1 Peter Pan. The boy who never grew up. The boy who makes all your wishes come true with the help of a fairy. What if I told you th...
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Seven Survivors by madisonrae19
Seven Survivorsby Madison Belle Rae
Going on a school trip abroad can be described with many juxtaposing thoughts, but should never be linked to fatalities or injury. Juniper Pearl Foxx always had a shelte...
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Plance One-Shots by owlinadayswork
Plance One-Shotsby owlinadayswork
A collection of fun little one-shots I've written :) (Cover edited together by me using PicsArt) I'm also taking one-shot requests for Plance (Updates will be pretty sl...
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Those Nights :: A Plance Fanfic:: by PidgeyPie
Those Nights :: A Plance Fanfic::by Kookie's Kookie
It's school time! Pidge meets a lanky Cuban boy named Lance. At first,she thinks he's the most arrogant,annoying and flirtatious male around. But what happens when she s...
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Watering My Plance | Plance One-Shots by StarryMiyuki
Watering My Plance | Plance One-Sh...by Miyuki ♡
A collection of One Shots to water your Plance! [Cover Art by HonestlyPrettyChill]
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Hold My Memories by mariposa2309
Hold My Memoriesby Ash Cardley
An accident occurs where Pidge starts to lose her memory of everything and everyone. "Calm down, Pidge." I looked at him with frightened eyes, but there was al...
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Random Rio Facts! by QuetzalQueen
Random Rio Facts!by Bethany
This is a story for the Rio and Rio 2 fans that I came up with when I was watching Rio 2 yesterday. There is one chapter for each fact, many of them interesting ones you...
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Touch, Love, Remember. by IsanneArcher
Touch, Love, Remember.by Isanne Archer
After wrecking his pick-up truck, Leith can't remember what he's been up to for the past four years. Apart from his amnesia, Leith is unharmed. The family lawyer discove...
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Scars & Fears by FlickaLover00
Scars & Fearsby FlickaLover00
Two dragons with pasts they would rather forget. One with intentions as evil as Darkstalker. When fate makes their pasts collide, Will love save them or make them fall...
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Life or death by fire_breath12
Life or deathby fire_breath12
On a plane to see there parents, 5 teenagers crash on a exotic island. Trapped. Stuck there to make there own desions. Will they ever get of the island? And will they ev...
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Croajingolong... by VickyK5
Croajingolong...by Vicky K
Poetry inspired by people, nature and daydreaming accompanied by visual images. Acknowledgements to @native_vic_aus (Instagram) for stunning fauna photographs
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Midnight In the Amazon by _-DayDreamer
Midnight In the Amazonby Wishing Star
Everything was going well till the plane crash. 6 teens find themes lost in the middle of the Amazon rainforest without any adults. Now they have to battle starvation...
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War and Love are made of worries  by Spectral_Amethyst
War and Love are made of worries by Jesse
Love never got its place in war, but nothing could've stopped it from happening anyways. So when two hearts connect in the middle of space, in danger of death and with t...
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Cherry and Katie Go To Ferngully by PerkyGoth14
Cherry and Katie Go To Ferngullyby PerkyGoth14
Remake! Cherry and Katie are given jobs in an Australian rainforest known as Ferngully. However, during their visit and working, they stumble across the strange and myst...
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