Revelations (Formerly known as Promises and Lies (EDITING)

Revelations (Formerly known as Promises and Lies (EDITING)

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Jessica By YouPromisedMeLife Completed

Abandoned. Guilty. Helpless and Hopeless. These emotions seem to plague Aria Foster's life, ever since the day the person she loved more than anything left without a trace.

Worthless. Trapped. Smothered. Act. That pretty much summed up how Daniel Aurelia really felt about his life. Living with a family who was torn apart by his father's mysterious absence wasn't doing anything for Daniel. Life seemed to mean very little to him. 

Until he saw her.

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YouPromisedMeLife YouPromisedMeLife Aug 23, 2012
@lachaparra Thank you so much! I am so glad that you loved it! :) this means so much! Thank you again :)
lachaparra lachaparra Aug 23, 2012
Amazin !!!!!!!! i lovr your story !!!!! Could not stop reading it lol
YouPromisedMeLife YouPromisedMeLife Jul 09, 2011
@princessstoni Awh thanks :) I look forward to finish writing it while I'm away :)
princessstoni princessstoni Jul 09, 2011
Have a great vacation and lots of fun.  I'll be excited to read the rest of this story :-)
YouPromisedMeLife YouPromisedMeLife Jul 06, 2011
@princessstoni Thank you :) I thought the beginning was a bit..boring lol 
YouPromisedMeLife YouPromisedMeLife Jun 14, 2011
@liliancarmine Lol you didn't give anything away ;) thanks so much! I thought that maybe thic chapter would be bland. I have such a hard time with beginnings. :/ but thanks anyway :)