The Bad Boys | ✔️

The Bad Boys | ✔️

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🌸Nicole🌸 By ExactAura Updated Aug 20

There are three bad boys of Brookshire High and they are Axel Thrasher, Blake Lockhart and Nathan Rostro and somehow Oriana Thorn gets a house with all of them. She's probably considered lucky that she gets to live with three hot boys but she doesn't exactly think so.

Oriana Thorn, the crazy and wild girl who really didn't care what she looked like, didn't care for others opinion, didn't care how people looked at her, she was fine being herself. She was fine wearing sweatpants to school and not showing her magnificent body all the time, but when she did everyone was surprised. She was also naturally beautiful, she never wore any other makeup except pomade from her eyebrows unless her friends made her.

The three bad boys as they were known. They didn't care about anything at all to be honest, they all got what they wanted and that was fine for them, except Oriana Thorn who they didn't manage to get in each of their beds. You'd think it would be easy to get her in their bed as they lived together and have kissed multiple times but she'd always to tell them to stop. She just didn't want to be one of their toys, she wouldn't ever let someone degrade her like that.

But maybe they'd give up trying. Maybe she'd give in or maybe they'd fall for each other. Who knows, right?

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