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Rhoda Owolabi By Rosebelle4u Completed

Most books are from the point of view of the good, nerdy girl and the queen b is paints in a very bad light. This story is from the perspective of the snotty,bratty and over privileged girl. She rules in her own world.

Lol, I hope I didn't scare you away just yet.

If you enjoy 'sassiness', rudeness and enough sarcasm, you'll enjoy Brittany's story. Her journey through her final year in high school, how she finds love and matures overnight.

Brittany McArthur is one of your regular bitchy,popular and of course rich spoilt girls. Believes she belongs to the rich,bad and most popular guy in school because,duh,popular+popular=super couple. But what happens when a guy she believes she should never be with starts giving her those feelings?

Jeremy Osment is your 'typical boy next door',has been interested in miss popular for so long but she doesn't notice him till senior grade,they've been class mates forever! She has always been interested in jocks and he's far from that. Can he convince her she's the one for him when she finally notices him?

All right reserved, please do not copy my story.
 All characters are objects of fiction.Any resemblance to people, alive or dead is purely coincidental.

Thanks for reading my story.

Date-> 25/08/2017


Taylor Swift - Brittany
Ryan Guzman -  Jeremy
Jace  Norman - Brent
Drew Van Acker - Gabe
Anne Hathaway - May

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