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S.Snow By ShelleySnow Updated Jan 01

Emma is human. 
Emma likes her life in her small predictable town. 

At least she thought it was predictable, that is until she is brought into a town much like her own within the woods that surround her home. 

Roman is a shifter.
Roman is the alpha of the Dark Crimson Pack. 

When their two worlds collide everything happens very quickly. Emma has to stop herself from getting swept up into the world of the shifters. But when Roman looks at her with his eyes of liquid gold and a body of sin it's not an easy task to deny him.
Roman has to protect Emma at all costs because if he fails his life might as well be over, and the rouge shifters prowling around know this. 

Emma has it hard trying to balance everything about her new life with Roman, whilst desperately trying to cling onto her human life.

Things are about to get crazy.

Some mature scenes. 

#1 in shifter ♥ - 22/02/19

*I don't own the rights to the some of the  images used in this book, but I do own the story.