The Last Call {Liam Payne AU  }HIATUS

The Last Call {Liam Payne AU }HIATUS

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DarkFaerie88 By DarkFaerie88 Updated Apr 15, 2016

Hope Daniels was living the New York dream, nice apartment, rich men and a high paying job. The catch? She was a high end call girl for one of the most prestigious escort companies in New York.  When she is sent out to procure her own client base she meets billionaire play boy Liam Payne and the two strike a deal that could either make her or break her. But what happens when she finds out the darker side to his deal? and even worse, starts to fall for the bad boy billionaire?

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-skylarhazelnut -skylarhazelnut Feb 25, 2016
I dunno why but I really like to read liam fanfics where he's a badboy or a teacher...
erzipan erzipan Nov 15, 2016
Women of I'll repute getting all the attractive ones. So jelly. 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗
Nialls_obsession Nialls_obsession Sep 12, 2014
I just started this story and I can already tell it will be a fun one to read.  I have a really hard time finding quality, unique stories about Liam.
verecundus verecundus Aug 13, 2014
I liked you first chapter. It was quite intriguing and well written. I can't wait to read more of your book
empty_cups empty_cups Jun 29, 2014
The first chapter draws you in. Hope doesn't mind what she does and I like the fact she is considerate of her own and clients needs. Voted.
sshhdonttellanyone sshhdonttellanyone Jun 02, 2014
Love it! I adore calling a gut Mr ...... there's always something vaguely sexy and naughty about it