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Love or Payne? [Niam A/U]

Love or Payne? [Niam A/U]

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V I C E By OMG_its_VICE Completed

Niall Horan, blonde, young , homeless, afraid, and deeply depressed. Niall was kicked out of his home , and was forced to live a double life , keeping his home life separate from his life at school, which was a social nightmare. Liam payne, Cliche heartthrob? Not, typical bad boy? Much more. The two come from seperate, yet completely identical lives, and one day, the bully will live in the bullied shoes, and one day, the loveless will experience love. 

   "I experienced so much pain in my life, that i grew numb to it...but isn't it ironic that only Payne can take me out of this numbing pain? Its like fire being able to make another fire go out, it shouldn't be possible, but it can happen."

ImANarryshipper ImANarryshipper Jul 20, 2016
Leeyum? Did they put something into you to be this mean?!? YOUR PARENTS DIDN'T RAISE YOU LIKE THIS!!!
love05642 love05642 Jul 14, 2016
Be ready when fans come to attack u for hating in Niall cause ur gonna get it
love05642 love05642 Jul 14, 2016
Bitch if u haven't noticed everybody loves Niall he's perfection
shipperofcut3stuff shipperofcut3stuff Aug 03, 2016
I am listening to voodoo doll and when i read that the line "i dont even like you" come on
-larry-xx-larry- -larry-xx-larry- Mar 19, 2016
Fangirling_On_You Fangirling_On_You Jul 10, 2016
Ok this is Hella mean and rude asf but it's a killer comeback like if this wasn't for niall I would've been like SLAY BITCH!!