Married Without Love

Married Without Love

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(Mafia Series#1)

He banged his hand on the wall beside my head making me jump in fear and he held my chin with other hand. I looked at him in fear as he looked like a beast with rage dancing in his eyes. 

"Are you scared?" He asked with cold voice. 

I tried to swallow but I was so afraid of even nodded my head. I looked past him at the dead body which had pool of blood around it. 

"You shouldn't be," He said pulling my face near him by my chin. 

I felt his hot breath hitting on my face. I held my breath and tears but every second it made me difficult. Suddenly, a lone tear flowed through my left eye. His eyes turned a little soft and he wiped my tear gently. 

"Get ready!" He whispered, softly. 

I looked at him in fear too scared to ask him about why. 

"For a contract marriage," He said in stern voice leaving no room for me to deny. 

• • •

It is not an arranged marriage where love blooms after marriage. It is more than just an arranged marriage in which love is not involved. 

For people it is an arranged marriage. But for them it is just a contract marriage. 

Like everyone Mishal has dark secrets and a dark past.

Like everyone Zayaan has his own past which is buried deep in his heart.

A past which made him cold.

A past which made her broken. 

A past which made him have many enemies. 

A past which made her have many nightmares. 

What are their past? What is her secret? Why they both married without love? 

Hit the read button to know their past and her secrets.

- - -

Warning: Mature Remarks! Mature Dialogues! If you don't like them, you are always welcome to leave this book. :)

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