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Rishto Ki Dor.... by madam_sir_fangirl
Rishto Ki Parijat
anuseena is not just a word it is a 'world ' for all anuseena fam❤...
Anuseena- Tum Wapas Aaoge ✔ by rulkilogy
Anuseena- Tum Wapas Aaoge ✔by <3
She's a single mother of a son while on the other side he's a single father of a daughter, who misses his wife lost wife. And watch Maddam Sir on Sony Sab at 10pm from M...
Agar Tum Sath Ho by Atiwak
Agar Tum Sath Hoby Khamoshi
"Hey Murlidhar kaisi teri maya hai, chor hume chor kah raha" "dekho hum chor nhi hai aur tum idhar kya kar rahi ho..?" "hum sach kah rahe hai hu...
Our Soul's Connection & Love by elsapdash
Our Soul's Connection & Loveby Priyanshi Dash
Anuseena ff! Peep in to find another interesting story!
Anuseena- Fir Milenge? by maddamsir_ffs
Anuseena- Fir Milenge?by maddamsir_ffs
This story is based on Sho Haseena Mallik and Dsp Anubhav Singh. It has been a few weeks after Haseena became friends with Anubhav. Everybody at MPT was rejoiced. But s...
Mohabat, Farz  aur kismat by nehaasmat
Mohabat, Farz aur kismatby asmatneha
#anuseena #karlla # haseena # Karishma # anubhav Singh # gulki # yukti # rahilazam # Pushpa Singh
From Misunderstandings to Love💫❤ by anvigarg12
From Misunderstandings to Love💫❤by Anvi Garg
In this story Anuseena ki shaadi ko 1 year complete hua hai... and unki 1st anniversary p kuch misunderstandings hua jisse vo alag ho gye aur uss din ek raaz haseena k s...
JOONUN E ISHQ  by TrishikaDutta
JOONUN E ISHQ by Love stories ❤️
Anubhav ; a rude and very arrogant person , who now does not believe in love or emotion and not any other stupid things like this .. Everyone have their own past which c...
Anusena-ur my world by an_anya387
Anusena-ur my worldby Ankitha malik
Hi Guys I am writing this after a long war between my heart and brain.This is my first story . I hope you guys will love it . This contain tiwts and turns...
Blessings and Bloodshed  by Aparneeta_2004
Blessings and Bloodshed by Aparneeta_2004
Anubhav Singh is the head of Pericoloso (Dangerous), an Italian Mafia gang. He happens to meet a girl who killed his left hand and now he wishes to have her by his side...
Madam sir (Hidden Marriage, But whose? )  by PramishaLamichhane
Madam sir (Hidden Marriage, But Pramisha Lamichhane
Hi guys i am writing my first story and i am not indian so the langauge may be not perfect and i have read almost all fanfic of madam sir so i an also craving for writt...
Anuseena - Colors of Love by storiesxcg
Anuseena - Colors of Loveby CG
The story is continuation of track after Sagai...( Komal's case and Swadeshi Product case solved).. (The continuation is completely different) Anubhav has left Haseena a...
Mission Behrupiya  by Guddu45
Mission Behrupiya by Guddu45
Show mein toh mission lapata ho gaya hai toh yahin sahi Toh start kare "Mission Behrupiya" Jai hind 🇮🇳 Cover credits: @mouliaggarwal Thnx bro
Anuseena - jealousy by gulki_theprincess
Anuseena - jealousyby gulki_theprincess
This story starts from the sagai track after a long time Anubhav is back from mission ❤️abd the...... to know more just read fan fiction.. 🙈🧿 Just to tell u in this...
What have Destiny planned for Anuseena? ✔ by rulkilogy
What have Destiny planned for <3
Asambhav ko sambhav banaya!! Jo aaz tak itihas meh kabhi na huwa, Na kisne ne socha, Na hi kisne kiya!! Voh aaz kar dikaya ek sapne ne, Jisne kar diya Karishma Singh ka...
Anuseena by SudikshaSingh7
Anuseenaby Krishna
(After sagaai incident) anubhav' s boss understand the meaning of love as he also falls in love during the mission. But something happens in Lucknow that will cause the...
Heart Strings (Anuseena)  by ideazone
Heart Strings (Anuseena) by Little writter
One Shorts Chapters (OS) , Two Shorts Chapters (TS), Recreation Of Scenes For Anuseena
Tu Yaheen Hai.... by Anuseena1010
Tu Yaheen Anuseena
Mission Behrupiya..... After the leap of 5 years... What if MPT hates Anuseena, as they think they are terrorist ?? What if in the place of Haseena, Karishma killed Anub...