Slow dance with you

Slow dance with you

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It's not common for when something in a small town happens to just let it be, no it's a big deal. Especially  when you send the worst text to the captian of the soccer team and the star hitter of the baseball team. When he has a game. When his whole team saw the text. When the text is one if the gayest things to the wrong person. 

'I'm not your experiment, I'm your boyfriend and your mine, but I can change that to ex real quick,'

Keith was to angry to notice at first when he threw his phone across the room. But the next morning he finds out he sent it to Lance McClain, who freshly broke up with the most popular girl in school. 

But Lance let him on a little secret. 

"Help me get revenge on my ex and family and I'll help you with yours,"

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