Tutoring (Destiel) by Evil-Music-Playing
Tutoring (Destiel)by Evil-Music-Playing
"So, I know Mr. Shurley said this was for English," Dean spoke, making Castiel's stomach flutter. How could a voice do that? He thought. "But I was going...
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  • highschoolau
  • boyxboy
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Heist » Seulrene by okseulgi
Heist » Seulreneby v
With a promise and grand plan to save her falsely jailed father and his company, Kang Seulgi, a robber who's wanted and on the run breaks into Bae Irene's house in the m...
  • adventure
  • fanfic
  • angst
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Student || Park Jimin X Reader by wisegirl0956
Student || Park Jimin X Readerby 🖤지민🖤
High School AU ~~~ Y/n L/n is just an ordinary 10th grade student who loves learning about other countries. But what happens when she meets Park Jimin, a Korean exchang...
  • fanfiction
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Homework (Stony highschool AU) by Shut-Up-Stark
Homework (Stony highschool AU)by Treasure
Tony Stark is basically a dork. Not your typical dork, though. It wouldn't make a good story if he were a typical dork. He has only two real friends, he has a name for h...
  • gay
  • samwilson
  • buckybarnes
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Hidden Scars | Jikook by MochiXSeagul
Hidden Scars | Jikookby Seokseok
Jimin was bullied and new the high school in Seoul where he runs into the school fuck boy, Jeon Jungkook. But is this fuck boy hiding a big secret? ~~~~ The first 5 chap...
  • sad
  • sope
  • namjoon
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Could You Keep a Secret? ( Teacher!Tord X student!Tom ) by Hentai_King_Milo
Could You Keep a Secret? ( Teacher...by Rae’s Daddy
Before I start writing this train wreck of a fanfic, I want to say that this is a TomTord teacher x student fanfic. It's based off an AU I found (and love holy heck) by...
  • yayy
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Homophobic //Newtmas// by libragryffindor
Homophobic //Newtmas//by J
Newt: A 17 year old boy. Friend of Minho. Gay. Thomas: A 16 year old boy. New to the school. Homophobic. Thomas moves in to a new town, and therefore a new school. Being...
  • boyxboy
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In the eyes of the Broken hearted & My heart in your Fingertips || ziam mpreg au by -straightforziam
In the eyes of the Broken hearted...by $teph✨
[BOOK ONE : In the eyes of the Broken hearted]✔️ A angsty love story between the awkward nerd and the hot jock who bond in their towns old Record Store. [BOOK TWO : My h...
  • cliche
  • nerdzayn
  • drama
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boyfriends✎changlix  by bubbletaey
boyfriends✎changlix by 🍋
The life of changbin + felix. And how badly they want to be boyfriends. Changbin has anger issues. Felix doesn't understand what personal space is. ⁕ highschool au 🌹 ⁕...
  • jeongin
  • changbin
  • hyunjin
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Dirty Little Secrets by MeganWaack
Dirty Little Secretsby MeganWaack
Percy Jackson couldn't care less what people think of him. Someone didn't like his newly dyed hair? Not his problem, look somewhere else. People think he's weird for ha...
  • secrets
  • bluehair
  • percyjackson
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The Dance Professor || Jungkook X Reader by SugarAndSweets123
The Dance Professor || Jungkook X...by Railyn Shay
Let's say you join a dance class run by your school. Then, let's say that the teacher who teaches the class is extremely good looking. But after some digging, you realiz...
  • safelove
  • fun
  • kookie
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Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// Ereri Fanfiction) by aspecialdeath
Organic Cigarettes. (//AU// Ereri...by aspecialdeath
Eren Jaeger hates art class. His hate for art class overruns his hate for science class, in fact, but when his teacher organises for him to the paired with quite possibl...
  • erenjaeger
  • levirivaille
  • levixeren
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Secrets|| NCT Taeyong  by sugasweetdreams-
Secrets|| NCT Taeyong by 🌸sormeh🌸
"Secrets make things more...exciting." Lee Taeyong high school AU. Taeyong, the attractive transfer student that everyone is in love with, only has eyes for o...
  • highschool
  • romance
  • nctu
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Behind the mask by harrypanther
Behind the maskby harrypanther
High School student Hiccup is a bad boy, in with the wrong crowd and a pest to those around him. Astrid Hofferson is Class President, cheerleading Captain and most popul...
  • dagur
  • hiccstrid
  • caninetoothless
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A Meme A Day - Kiribaku {BNHA} by PorcelainSky
A Meme A Day - Kiribaku {BNHA}by ☆red riot☆
Boarding school is bullshit. High School is bullshit, and Bakugou Katsuki wants nothing to do with it. Doesn't give a shit about grades or homework or any of that crap...
  • bakugou
  • memes
  • mha
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Contests by Fanfic
Contestsby Fanfiction
Fanfiction knows no bounds, and to help spark your creativity, we will be posting the details of all our Fanfiction contests: oneshots, drabbles, prompts, challenges, an...
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Stitches⚣Stony by CockyLilo
Stitches⚣Stonyby Pete Wentz Trash™️
"Did it hurt?" "When I fell from Heaven?" "When you nearly fucking died, asshole." [Stony] All rights reserved 2016®CockyLilo you steal my...
  • highschoolau
  • tonystark
  • theavengers
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Do You Still Love Me by xxdeathwishxx212
Do You Still Love Meby Lawliet TJ
SEQUEL TO DON'T YOU TRUST ME A lot of things have changed in the last four years. They are living happily together. Levi has taught Eren so much. Thanks to Levi Eren kno...
  • lévi
  • eren
  • aot
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Break Free by ReyloAddict
Break Freeby Soph
"You like this, don't you?" Ben says dangerously close to my face. "What? No." I reply instantly. "Then why are you biting your lip?" -3rd...
  • highschoolau
  • fanfiction
  • reylo
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Lonely Love: Gladion X Reader by QueenOfNekoWriters
Lonely Love: Gladion X Readerby DaydreamingNeko
I currently live in Alola; one of the best places to live. Almost everyone is very nice and welcoming. Almost. Team Skull is a group of troublesome teenagers that cause...
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