Crazy for You - Valeska Brothers x Female OC (Gotham)

Crazy for You - Valeska Brothers x Female OC (Gotham)

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Jerome Valeska was crazy. There was no doubt about it. Sick, sadistic, evil. But, he wasn't always like it.

"You're crazy," Sam whimpers, trying to push herself away from me. The handcuffs don't exactly help her.

I press my lips against her cheek, smirking.

"Crazy for you."

Jeremiah Valeska was insane. There was no doubt about it. Smart, cunning, cruel. But, he wasn't always like it.

"You don't care about me, so stop acting-"

All of a sudden, Jeremiah's pale hands grab my own, overlapping them on the armrests of my chair. He slowly leans forward, the look in his eyes screaming out, almost warning me to run.

"Don't ever say that. I love you," he replies blankly, as if it was obvious that a psychopath thought about me in that way.

They both found themselves at peace with one person, Samantha Williams, the girl they grew up with, until of course, Jeremiah left Haly's Circus.

Jerome's mind snaps after years of his mother's torment - causing him to brutally kill her. Of course, when Sam finds out, she is absolutely horrified. What scares her more is the building obsession Jerome has over her, even when he escapes Arkham. It doesn't help when Jeremiah comes back into their lives, years later.

How long will it take for Samantha's head to finally break, turning her into someone she's not?


This goes along the season 1 - 4 storyline, and will be there when season 5 comes out.

I DON'T OWN ANY CHARACTERS (apart from Sam, her parents & Vicky.) ALL RIGHTS GO TO DC.

NO SMUT. I'm an innocent and don't want to corrupt my own mind.


And uh, don't steal my book, please. Thank you.


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