S t o r m  Cloud  by GeorgiaChadwick
S t o r m Cloud by G.eo.rg.i.a
" H e' s y o u r F a t h e r " Scarlett Quinzel, A seventeen year old teenager who lives with her aunt Hayley. Oblivious to the blood that rushes through...
  • suicdesquad
  • joker
  • batman
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Show me the Monster by RoseAnneMonroe
Show me the Monsterby RoseAnneMonroe
I was sold by my father. My estranged father at that. I only had one friend who could help me, but by asking him I put him at risk as well. I couldn't ask him to put his...
  • love
  • squad
  • mad
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Little Love *tvd* by PepperIzzy
Little Love *tvd*by PepperIzzy
What if Elena Gilbert had a sister that know one spoke about because she went crazy at a young age, so she had to be put in Mystic Falls Mental Facility. What will happe...
  • bennett
  • matt
  • elena
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Siren (Suicide Squad Fanfic) by Prohesivebutter
Siren (Suicide Squad Fanfic)by LunaticfringeJr.
Description in first Chapter. Just know its very different from most Suicide Squad fanfics.
  • deadshot
  • killercroc
  • dc
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Blade (Savage Wolves MC) #1 by renacollins
Blade (Savage Wolves MC) #1by Rena Collins
Mature Content 17+ Recently escaped from the only home she's ever known, Letha moves out to Las Vegas to start a new life away from the people who sought to ruin her. Br...
  • bikerromance
  • dangerous
  • motorcycleclub
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Suicide Squad: The Killer Child by Nightinale
Suicide Squad: The Killer Childby Nightingale
A scientist kidnapped a little girl of the age of 4 and put her though hell and treated her like a lab rat and gave her powers that would strike fear in even the bravest...
  • diablo
  • flag
  • squad
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The Adventures of Loki, Peter-Parker, and Shuri and Harley. PART ONE by Nerdtastical
The Adventures of Loki, Peter-Park...by Because Why Not
Stumbled across a little prompt on Pinterest and saw a lot of comments asking for a fic. Me, trying to recover from Infinity war, will bless everyone now with this. THAN...
  • hopeful
  • vine
  • humour
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The Adventures of Loki, Peter Parker Shuri, Harley, PART TWO  by Nerdtastical
The Adventures of Loki, Peter Park...by Because Why Not
Well so basically I have too many chapters on the other one and will be continuing it on this one *rubs neck nervously* Please read it? -#1 in friends -#1 in buddies -#...
  • mj
  • hopeful
  • tony
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To Find Love Again by presleysangel
To Find Love Againby presleysangel
Josiah Anderson returned to Brackettville mostly out of curiosity. His in-law's lawyer calls him saying he's been left something in their will when they passed. But why...
  • love
  • harley
  • motorcycleclub
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The Beast Has Been Released (Book 2)  by Grimmy_Black
The Beast Has Been Released (Book...by Grimmy_Black
#872 IN ROMANCE #878 IN ROMANCE #571 IN ROMANCE #579 IN ROMANCE #495 IN ROMANCE #6 IN RIKER #8 IN FELICITY Book 2: Beginning Date: Dec, 21 2017 Ending Date: (Se...
  • reyes
  • lillian
  • amber
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The Adventures of Peter Parker, Loki, Shuri, and Harley. BOOK THREE  by Nerdtastical
The Adventures of Peter Parker, Lo...by Because Why Not
*sighs* VOILA BOOK THREE Thanks to the readers of my other two books I am now writing BOOK THREE What's new? Longer chapters, a actual PLOT with one shots mixed in...
  • shuri
  • loki
  • irondad
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Smile - Joker Leto Fanfiction - {BWWM} - {COMPLETE} by wollff
Smile - Joker Leto Fanfiction - {B...by wolf.
Not exactly a villain, not exactly a hero, Cheyenne, an assassin in Gotham City is given a proposition by Batman himself. In 92 days, she is to hand Joker over to the au...
  • romance
  • blackgirl
  • damaged
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Joker's Ghost by lillilycutie
Joker's Ghostby Anika Elizabeth
Danny Fenton/Phantom never thought being a kid could be so hard. You get to sleep, play, get barely any homework from school. All good things right? Wrong. After fightin...
  • young
  • dead
  • alfred
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Always By My Side by booklovee4789
Always By My Sideby booklovee4789
My story is different from everyone. I'm not ordinary, I would say I'm unordinary. My name is Peter Parker and I'll tell you about the time, I survived one of the deadli...
  • fanfiction
  • depression
  • michelle
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Found you cupcake (JokerXreader) by _ABx2_C_
Found you cupcake (JokerXreader)by _ABx2_C_
  • kinky
  • suicide
  • whysoserious
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Choosing Between the Alphas (Slowly Editing) by G_xoxo
Choosing Between the Alphas (Slowl...by G.M.
Meeting your mate is suppose to be a magical experience. At least that is what every young pup is told. However, Harley Matthews and Dominic Peterson have a different p...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • choices
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Car Radio || Jeremiah Valeska by PurpleInsanity
Car Radio || Jeremiah Valeskaby Ms. Lovett
Set during (4×21)&(4×22) Ever had a bad day and want to turn on your radio? Take a seat as Harleen Quinzel comes into Gotham with no tunes to lighten the situation as sh...
  • jeremiahvaleska
  • cameronmonaghan
  • fanfiction
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His last laugh (the joker fanfiction) by DCfreakxox
His last laugh (the joker fanficti...by DCfreakxox
Evangeline Striker. 25 years old. Has a PHD in psychology, and is a current Dr. at the Arkham Asylum. What happens when a past patient is back? Will Eva be able to handl...
  • arkhamasylum
  • knight
  • scarecrow
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The caged bird. (A Young Justice Fanfic) by Dragonart19
The caged bird. (A Young Justice F...by Dragonart19
What will happen when the team's Robin gets caught on a mission? Will their intelligent and brave Robin have his wings clipped forever? Or will they be able to save him...
  • youngjustice
  • harley
  • robin
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Young Justice-The New Teammate by Kiara121
Young Justice-The New Teammateby Koko Quinn
When a new team member arrives the young heroes must cope with her secrecy. Robin is the one that feels the most off about their mysterious comrade. Who is she, and what...
  • intensity
  • harley
  • friendship
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