Harley || Sweet Pea by jackersgilinsky
Harley || Sweet Peaby Yasmine 👑
"Why are you here in Riverdale High?" "It's only temporary. Don't worry." ~~~ Harley Garcia is born and raised in the Southside of Riverdale. Her Fat...
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Smile - Joker Leto Fanfiction - {BWWM} - {COMPLETE} by wollff
Smile - Joker Leto Fanfiction - {B...by wolf.
Not exactly a villain, not exactly a hero, Cheyenne, an assassin in Gotham City is given a proposition by Batman himself. In 92 days, she is to hand Joker over to the au...
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Jokers Baby Daughter by Bri_HatesYou2
Jokers Baby Daughterby Brianna❤👋
Joker Knocks up Harley Quinn. At first he was resistant of being a father. then saw his baby he knew he wanted to be apart of her life
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"The Devils Partner" (g.d) by eclipsegrayy
"The Devils Partner" (g.d)by her.
"She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen, and God help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen."
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The Dawn of Legends (A Mobile Legends Fanfic) by AllTimeNite
The Dawn of Legends (A Mobile Lege...by NiteyNite11
My fanmade lores, battles and stories about Mobile Legends' characters, lands and all the content. :) Reddit username: u/LGRSalt4Dayz IGN: LGR Mayhem Disclaimer: All the...
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All About MobileLegends by DatBitterPotato
All About MobileLegendsby Poteto Poteto
❝Welcome to Mobile legends!❞ ❝5 seconds till you read the contents! (or not)❞ ❝Cringe cringe!❞ ❝All cringe deployed!❞ • Oneshots • Short stories • Chat messages • Ask o...
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Jared Leto Imagines by itsjaredleto
Jared Leto Imaginesby Jared Leto
This is a book of differents scenarios of Jared Leto and you.
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The Bats' New Baby Boy  by madkyra
The Bats' New Baby Boy by OC-almost-everything
Oliver Quinnzel, the clever, accidental son of Joker and Harley, has done what he wanted all his life due to laid back parents. When they're caught and locked up Batman...
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Daddy's Little Monster / Jokers Daughter by GeorgiaChadwick
Daddy's Little Monster / Jokers Da...by G.eo.rg.i.a
" H e' s y o u r F a t h e r " Scarlett Quinzel, A sixteen year old teenager who lives with her aunt Hayley. Oblivious to the blood that rushes through he...
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Jokers First Love by GlossyLipstick
Jokers First Loveby GlossyLipstick
She was the Jokers first love. Losing her drove him insane. He thought she was dead. She thought he was dead. But really there was a liar. That liar will pay. He will pa...
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Lucy Quinn  by NHPrincess2004
Lucy Quinn by Cassandra Cain
Lucy Quinn, daughter of the psychotic Harley Quinn and insane Joker, has lived her life in fear and judgement from others; what will happen once the mighty Batman finds...
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 ❝ ዞO⋆ʈ m℮ᏕSSᏕ ❞ |°QUINN MB°| by hotmess-_
❝ ዞO⋆ʈ m℮ᏕSSᏕ ❞ |°QUINN MB°|by `
↜. ❝ RED and black create chaos , ❞ ↜ ?
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Mobile Legends Ssenmodnar(Asks,Dares,and moar) by CreeperXCraft
Mobile Legends Ssenmodnar(Asks,Dar...by JC/J'z
Just something I thought for exactly no reason? Ask and dare the heroes all you want. No smut☺. May contain Sh--posts and Oneshots...
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Mad Love (Joker & Harley) by AndieBear341
Mad Love (Joker & Harley)by Andie
His maniac laughter filled the room like air and it thickened the tensions drastically, making my breath hitch. I will never forget the large grin on his face that showe...
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The Beast Has Been Released (Book 2)  by Grimmy_Black
The Beast Has Been Released (Book...by Grimmy_Black
#872 IN ROMANCE #878 IN ROMANCE #571 IN ROMANCE #579 IN ROMANCE #495 IN ROMANCE #6 IN RIKER #8 IN FELICITY Book 2: Beginning Date: Dec, 21 2017 Ending Date: (Se...
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Damaged - A Joker Fanfiction {COMPLETE} by wollff
Damaged - A Joker Fanfiction {COMP...by wolf.
*Joker is in the style of Jared Leto* "It is was exceptional Spring night in Gotham when a picture of me at my high school graduation was plastered all over the 1...
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His last laugh (the joker fanfiction) by DCfreakxox
His last laugh (the joker fanficti...by DCfreakxox
Evangeline Striker. 25 years old. Has a PHD in psychology, and is a current Dr. at the Arkham Asylum. What happens when a past patient is back? Will Eva be able to handl...
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Mobile Legends Book of Randomness by MayTheAuthor
Mobile Legends Book of Randomnessby Lynsyne ~ 💘
Look At The Title :3
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Frown | A Joker Leto Fanfiction | SEQUEL TO 'SMILE' | {BWWM} by wollff
Frown | A Joker Leto Fanfiction |...by wolf.
After getting broken out of prison, Cheyenne manages to gain her strength back, but not while leaving behind some unmendable scars. Tired of being treated as a mere girl...
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Why Hello Mr. Nerd (HOLD) by lovelybones-
Why Hello Mr. Nerd (HOLD)by skie.
"I-I've never kissed a g-girl." "So you're saying you've kissed a boy?" I tease tangling my fingers in the baby-haired curls on the nape of his neck...
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