Jester: Joker's Daughter by Jaredslilmonster22
Jester: Joker's Daughterby Jess' badboyleto1226
Hello everyone, This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it. Left abandoned by the birth parents, a newborn baby is left on the streets of Gotham all alone, but that al...
  • harley
  • fanfiction
  • scarecrow
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"The Devils Partner" (g.d) by eclipsegrayy
"The Devils Partner" (g.d)by her.
"She was fearless and crazier than him. She was his queen, and God help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen."
  • murderers
  • killing
  • graysondolan
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The Bats' New Baby Boy  by madkyra
The Bats' New Baby Boy by OC-almost-everything
Oliver Quinnzel, the clever, accidental son of Joker and Harley, has done what he wanted all his life due to laid back parents. When they're caught and locked up Batman...
  • batman
  • father
  • harley
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His last laugh (the joker fanfiction) by DCfreakxox
His last laugh (the joker fanficti...by DCfreakxox
Evangeline Striker. 25 years old. Has a PHD in psychology, and is a current Dr. at the Arkham Asylum. What happens when a past patient is back? Will Eva be able to handl...
  • arkham
  • batman
  • thedarkknight
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The caged bird. (A Young Justice Fanfic) by Dragonart19
The caged bird. (A Young Justice F...by Dragonart19
What will happen when the team's Robin gets caught on a mission? Will their intelligent and brave Robin have his wings clipped forever? Or will they be able to save him...
  • robin
  • sad
  • torture
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Sniped Love | Lesley x Gusion by iiBlueHead
Sniped Love | Lesley x Gusionby Christa
A love we'll never forget, even if the hours of seperation will come, We will always be like who we were.
  • karina
  • fanfic
  • romance
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Daddy's Little Monster / Jokers Daughter by GeorgiaChadwick
Daddy's Little Monster / Jokers Da...by G.eo.rg.i.a
" H e' s y o u r F a t h e r " Scarlett Quinzel, A sixteen year old teenager who lives with her aunt Hayley. Oblivious to the blood that rushes through he...
  • suicdesquad
  • batman
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Open Road || Filip Chibs Telford by itsjustmasey
Open Road || Filip Chibs Telfordby Masey
Falling for someone was the last thing Eden was worried about, she had managed to escape her psycho dad for now but could the Sons of Anarchy put her in even more danger?
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • samcro
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Male Harley x reader by wolfamy
Male Harley x readerby wolfamy
Taking place in the suicide squad universe. So if you haven't seen the movie don't read because spoilers. so in this you take the place of the joker and some scenes will...
  • male
  • quinn
  • reader
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Under A Latent Moon (A Werewolf Tale) by DumDumPops4
Under A Latent Moon (A Werewolf Ta...by Cayleigh
Thirteen years ago, Harley lost her family. Though it left some damage, she's finally ready to return to her family's pack and start her own tale. But writing a happy en...
  • memories
  • brothersbestfriend
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Suicide Squad: The Killer Child by Nightinale
Suicide Squad: The Killer Childby Nightingale
A scientist kidnapped a little girl of the age of 4 and put her though hell and treated her like a lab rat and gave her powers that would strike fear in even the bravest...
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  • katana
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 harley | rick and morty by AllTimeSmosher
harley | rick and mortyby Moony 🐺
"That's cute! You think you're scary! Well Mr. Sanchez, I've seen scary and you don't have his smile." *there will be a lot of Rick x Harley fluff so ya but s...
  • harleyquinn
  • rickandmorty
  • ricksanchez
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<| Jarley OneShots |> by Posty_Maloney
by Posty_Maloney
Short descriptions are given at the beginning of each OneShot. Smut! Violence! Abuse! Fluff! Some characters are from the series Gotham. Most are from SS. Some of these...
  • killercroc
  • jarley
  • deadshot
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¿La Familia Stark? by MueraTachi
¿La Familia Stark?by Muera'Tachi
El abandono de su esposo Steve y su hijo Peter crean en Tony una gran tristeza en el fondo de su corazón y mente, el Dios del Engaño: Loki, aprovecha la oportunidad para...
  • stony
  • loki
  • marvel
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"If you need me, call me" by Majo1D16
"If you need me, call me"by María José
"De pronto te encuentras atrapado en un amor que no debería suceder, pero ya es tarde para tratar de huir."
  • harley
  • harleyxquill
  • quill
Jared Leto Imagines by realtchalamet
Jared Leto Imaginesby Timothée
This is a book of differents scenarios of Jared Leto and you . .All of this imagines are from tumblr . .Credit : tumblr accounts
  • jared
  • jaredleto
  • jaredletofanfiction
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Little Love *tvd* by PepperIzzy
Little Love *tvd*by PepperIzzy
What if Elena Gilbert had a sister that know one spoke about because she went crazy at a young age, so she had to be put in Mystic Falls Mental Facility. What will happe...
  • bonnie
  • damon
  • klaus
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Heaven Knows 🔹 Suicide Squad  by BloodyAppleQueen
Heaven Knows 🔹 Suicide Squad by Queen Satan
[Complete] Annabelle is a fallen Angel of grace. Disobeying her father and taking the same path Lucifer did. She ended up being banished on Earth where she had been caug...
  • edwards
  • wattys2017
  • joker
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Joker and Harley One Shots by hqforu
Joker and Harley One Shotsby hqforu
Harley x Joker One shots of their Mad Love
  • fanfiction
  • romantic
  • jarley
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Damaged - A Joker Fanfiction {COMPLETE} by wollff
Damaged - A Joker Fanfiction {COMP...by wolf.
*Joker is in the style of Jared Leto* "It is was exceptional Spring night in Gotham when a picture of me at my high school graduation was plastered all over the 1...
  • leto
  • quinn
  • damaged
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