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Redacted Riddle |Edward Nygma| by Maven_Ruby
Redacted Riddle |Edward Nygma|by > Ginger <
//Under construction: *R* = Revised// A face in the hive of bees, I found myself working along side Edward Nygma in the GCPD. We're the backbones to it all, before my wo...
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The Strange Life of Oswald and Violet [Gotham AU] by Welcome2MyNightmare
The Strange Life of Oswald and Vio...by Nel
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Secret Lies (Gotham Fan Fic) by SilverBombay
Secret Lies (Gotham Fan Fic)by Person Of Earth
The GCPD needed extra cops and detectives. Than she showed up. Could she be the devil or an angel? Detective Sidney Grey, a street gang raised Gotham born that had been...
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Whispers In The Dark//An Oswald Cobblepot Story by KimAckermann
Whispers In The Dark//An Oswald Co...by KimmieHargreeves
Raven Wayne is the older sister of Bruce Wayne,she returns to her hometown of Gotham City after she hears the news of her parents death.She later gets involved with the...
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Gotham: Bruce Wayne by WhitneyMiller7
Gotham: Bruce Wayneby Whitney Miller
Bruce Wayne fanfic!!!
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I'd Break All the Rules For You(Graybat ff) by Immahacker
I'd Break All the Rules For You(Gr...by Anika
"Turn around now." His voice was stern and you could tell that he wasn't playing around, but neither was Dick. Not when the one woman he had ever truly loved l...
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~Gotham One Shots~ by StarDropJoy
~Gotham One Shots~by StarDropJoy
I have been watching Gotham lately...very much...i love it. Anyways i decided to do Imagines of it. characters that are included are: Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Bruce W...
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The Shadow of The Bat (Batman fanfiction) by DeadlyEnchantress
The Shadow of The Bat (Batman fanf...by DeadlyEnchantress
Gotham was a lost city. Its streets flooded with blood and crime, staining even the most innocent civilians with sin and desperation. No human being was able to save thi...
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Black, White, & Red. by pampers5419
Black, White, & Red.by Jenn Kerwin
All is not wedding bells and best wishes when young couple, Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot, get engaged. Gotham AU
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A Girl Even Madder Than The Others (an Oswald Cobblepot fanfic) by carlyy__21
A Girl Even Madder Than The Others...by Carlz
A girl who had done wrong to the billionaire, mayoral candidate, Theo Galavan, has a meeting with some of the most brutal murderers in Gotham. Many of them are workers o...
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Gotham imagines/one shots by bwritesstories
Gotham imagines/one shotsby Hi
This is just basically one shots of Gotham until I have ideas for a book. characters include: Jerome Bruce Jim etc. (I don't own any of these characters all belong to th...
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Gobblepot AUs by evilqueen098
Gobblepot AUsby madison
A book of Gobblepot AUs!
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Deranged - Jerome Valeska X Reader by Nejamet
Deranged - Jerome Valeska X Readerby Noor E. H.
A tale of psychotic love... Because even maniacs have feelings. No matter how grisly they are.
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Gordon by theQUEENofGOTHAM
Gordonby Vin Chesterfield Cobblepot
Chapter 8!!
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A Heart of Crazy(ON HOLD) by nevermindmakenna
A Heart of Crazy(ON HOLD)by ✞Kenna✞
Juliet never though about killing someone. Ever. But one moment of rage changed that. That's what sent her to Arkham Asylum, a hideous place full of the criminally insan...
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Gotham's Golden Girl by smallerfangirlonfire
Gotham's Golden Girlby Stephanie Lex
A list of imagines and preferences with Gotham characters. All of which, the main character is you, and well- your partner in crime. Take that literally or figuratively...
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Fall (Jerome Valeska)- Gotham Fanfiction by Sugardarkness
Fall (Jerome Valeska)- Gotham Fanf...by Sugardarkness
I was told as a child by my parents about the story of Red Riding Hood. There was a wolf, a big bad wolf and he used to scare me, he still scares me now but now he is a...
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The Dirty Underground [Jerome Valeska] (sequel to YDMC) by Andie_AmericanPsycho
The Dirty Underground [Jerome Vale...by Andie_AmericanPsycho
It's been a year since Rumer and Jerome reunited in Arkham. Theo is dead, Tabitha's dead, they have friends on the outside, and Penguin and Nygma have failed in finding...
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One Shots by the-fallen-girl
One Shotsby ❛ifellforyou❜
Hello my brave warriors! This is gonna be my book of one shots. I will be doing Zoo CBS, Supernatural, Gotham, The Flash, and Harry Potter. Maybe more... Hope you enjoy...
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