Chiron Academy

Chiron Academy

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In a world of superheroes, public outcry from the recent tragic death of a teenage vigilante has resulted in the creation of a government-run program to train underage aged superheroes, Chiron Academy. 

 If you're a minor with any sort of superhero aspiration, this stands as an ultimatum: you must participate, regardless of previous experience, training or mentoring. If you don't, you're done. 

This has seventeen-year-old Wyatt Hatch, a.k.a. Flyerman, a superhero with years of experience, counting the days until his 18th birthday and his inexperienced know-it-all teammates are not helping matters.

"This is such bullcrap. Unadulterated bullcrap," seethed Wyatt as he paced back and forth, more out of a desire to move than a conscious choice. "I can't believe we're being forced to be here. Literally the second I turn 18, I'm gone."

He and Todd stood on a top of some high rise building Todd had found during a quick search on google maps. Something high enough that they wouldn't be overheard but not too tall. After a few stories, Todd always got nervous.

"I mean," Wyatt continued to vent," at least your squad seems cool. You've got the Grey Ghoul's sidekick, for crying out loud. Meanwhile, I'm stuck with the squad that is so by the book, they stopped as we were leaving the campus today to check the dumb Hero's Handbook they gave us to make sure we were leaving correctly. It's called leaving a building. You've been doing it your whole life!"


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(pronounced 'kai-ron'. I googled it.)