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Small Person By _small_person_ Updated Aug 21

"What a fucking twisted world we live in." - Pepper Telloh


Everyone wants superpowers. But at such a cost? Morgan would happily shove it back to wherever it came from.

Welcome to a world where supernaturals exist; people with unexplainable magic powers that could develop anytime to any person. Only a few thousand exist; ninety-five percent being under eighteen, the other five percent under twenty-five. 

But these few thousands are hunted down by the government so they could run tests, and turn them into unstoppable assassins. It doesn't matter if you're five or twenty-five. They'll take you into one of their labs with all the others.

Morgan was taken. Rylie was not.

Morgan wasn't strong enough to survive the labs and come out the way she came in. She came out as a deadly machine, ready to kill without hesitation. She forgot her old life, even her name. 

Rylie got powers just like her. Just your average college freshman, with superpowers, acting like vigilante with his friends as he tried to find the labs to free his little sister on the side. 

Different lives, different stories. But they're about to become intertwined.


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