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A squeak left my mouth involuntarily as the hands scared me out of my daze. Turning, I came to face to face with a caramel tinted face. His tanned skin contrasts his green and honey colored eyes that were boring into mine. His hold on my waist disappeared and I took this opportunity to edge my way away from the window stopping against the wall to slow the pounding of my heart. What the... He's completely topless his jeans hanging so low off his hips. I swear if they were any lower I'd be looking at the top of his.. you know... The heat rushed through my cheeks at the thought of the word.

He looked over at my face a smirk evident. Shit. I'm staring..

'Like what you see?' 

Oh God..

Alexis is human. What else would she be? She's been read the fairytale stories and tucked in at night but it's all just fiction right? 
What will happen when she goes head to head with a boy who's not human at all? Oh.. Did I mention she is his mate?

Lies, deception.. Love is a battlefield right??
'May the odds be ever in your favour.'

Trust me?

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itsk3n itsk3n Jun 29, 2013
hahaha i had to come back & read this story Because its like on one of my waiting lists & im glad i did :)
ZhOnia92 ZhOnia92 Jun 27, 2013
@ProdigyMaSugaBear143 Thank you so much love :D I'm smiling so hard right nw xo
ZhOnia92 ZhOnia92 May 23, 2013
@XMiekieMieksX Thank you thank you thank you! U really went in with your detailed comments. That's mean a lot Thank you again :)
ZhOnia92 ZhOnia92 May 23, 2013
@XMiekieMieksX Lol thanks for the feedback. I won't be giving anything away though so keep reading lol
                              Hope your grandfather is okay x
XMiekieMieksX XMiekieMieksX May 23, 2013
Oh and on your description "may the odds be ever in your favour." Huger games loved it
XMiekieMieksX XMiekieMieksX May 23, 2013
Before I start reading I just want to say that the descrotion was awsome and so intreguing I can't wait to start reading