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My Possessive Alpha

My Possessive Alpha

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Haleigh Price By HaleighPrice Completed

"You're mine," he growls. "I am not an object so back off!" He steps closer to me and pins me against the wall. "You're mine," he whispers in my ear, causing me to shiver in pleasure. "N-no, I'm not," I say, struggling to avoid submitting and giving in to him. His eyes narrow and he presses his body to mine, causing a part of me to fire up and another part to poke out. "Say it," he whispers. "You know you want to." I move my head to the side and avoid looking in his eyes. "Say it," he encourages again. "Say it and we can be together- forever."
Allison doesn't take sh*t from anybody. She will 100% fight for her rights and what she wants. But when Jayden, alpha of her pack's rival pack comes along, will she give up her tough girl act and submit to him? Or will she prove to him she doesn't need him?

"Witchall ghetto asses sittin' in the back of my car gossipin'! Looking like a damn whoreo!!" deceased💀
That's what you get when you put a Whore and an Oreo in one room together 
                              You get a Whoreo 
                              I'm dead😂😂 I'm definitely gonna use this word "Whoreo"
I think you meant ride him like a horse 
                              But again we might be talking about 2 entirely different things 
                              SO CARRY ON
Kawaii_Kats Kawaii_Kats Sep 24, 2016
This was the song I grew up with I was born in 04 so I have been listing to it since then
LonelyCasey LonelyCasey Jul 18, 2016
where's the gamma? i am proclaiming myself gamma of the pack, and i am her new best friend. bow down bitches
xXxoreosXx xXxoreosXx Mar 07
so many memories of allison but i kinda got tired of her in teen wolf im glad she di