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Korean One Shots Book 2 by sunshine5151
Korean One Shots Book 2by Sunshine
Book 2 of your Korean actors and K-Pop stars one shots! I add music in the background to set the mood as much as I could so please play it before you start reading. Enjo...
KPOP Would You Rather by sparklyten
KPOP Would You Ratherby sparklyten
For my first book here is a kpop would you rather. Feel free to recommend bands in the comments as it really does help. Most will be very difficult to answer so good lu...
Kdrama Book 1 by kisajeong
Kdrama Book 1by Kisa
This book is about the Korean dramas I have watched
Kpop Imagines {Completed} by exosquishysoo
Kpop Imagines {Completed}by SquishySoo
{REQUESTS CLOSED} Kpop imagines and preferences
I fell in love with my room mate  // park hyungsik by multiii_fandomm
I fell in love with my room mate...by multi/
I hate cheesy descriptions so please, just read 💕. Don't worry in the end Ima aim for at least 20 long chapters
Your Heart's In Danger | Jikook by army_forever76
Your Heart's In Danger | Jikookby army_forever76
Jimin is a sweet, kind, loving 11th grader who gets bullied on a daily basis. His sweet and trusting nature may be what gets him hurt in the end by loyal gangmember Jeon...
Kpop profiles pt. 2 by Lou2420
Kpop profiles pt. 2by Lou
Random kpop, Jpop, Cpop, Tpop groups & soloists Current members + former members + members for eternity + disbanded groups Information from Kprofiles. Adding disbanded g...
Unrequited Love ➳ Kim Ji Dwi by wxnnagxtswxld
Unrequited Love ➳ Kim Ji Dwiby ▹ morgan
unrequited /ʌnrɪˈkwʌɪtɪd/ adj adjective: unrequited (of a feeling, especially love) not returned. "she's been pining with unrequited love"
The Vampire and the Fallen Angel  by hanbaobao_kk
The Vampire and the Fallen Angel by 강영현's 🦊 [HIATUS]
The story of a vampire and a fallen angel and how they protect each other from the cruel outside world.
ZE:A Oneshots  by hanbaobao_kk
ZE:A Oneshots by 강영현's 🦊 [HIATUS]
Oneshots of the members of ZE:A! ❎No smuts❎ Only fluffs and angst 🚫Do not steal without permission🚫
[K-POP male idols] x [reader] (One Shots) by heythereimkat
[K-POP male idols] x [reader] (One...by a total dinosaur
Hey there! I just wanted to try something new, ONE SHOTS (ain't that obvious...)! I hope you request some k-pop idols, and ideas on settings are much appreciated. Okay...
Kdrama Book 3 by kisajeong
Kdrama Book 3by Kisa
Book 3 of my Kdrama Info
Drawings by SeoulBae
Drawingsby SeoulBae
I did some drawings in the past and suddenly felt the urge to share them haha... So I thought, why not here on Wattpad :3 I did most of them when I was bored at work...
General of Cherry Blossoms by BBRosenfeld
General of Cherry Blossomsby B. B. Rosenfeld
Gon-Jeong is a country known for their military prowess. And one of the most outstanding warriors is general Im, the only woman in the whole army, with an unknown past a...
^^Stars Family^^ by Int_sil
^^Stars Family^^by ĞLoryFanfiç
Та бүхэнд нэгэн итгэмээргүй гэр бүлийн сайхан амьдарлын талаар бичин сонордуулах гэж байгаадаа баяртай байна. Солонгос улсдаа нэртэй жүжигчид болох Ким Рэвон болон Сүэ н...
The Cheonin King [COMPLETED] by rawrsicleness
The Cheonin King [COMPLETED]by rawrsicleness
Basically what happens in hwarang but it was an English assignment so it's quite different from what I usually write.... no need for a summary if you've already seen the...
Epic Fail by APerfectSquishy
Epic Failby Mochi
Nagsimula lahat ang story na to sa isang katangahan na wrong send. Sobrang epic fail! Ughhh. At di mo aakalain na yung wrong send na yun ay magdudulot ng spark... Spark...
stressed out (but you're here) by junhui_
stressed out (but you're here)by rare pairs got me like boom b...
because sometimes, everything's too much to handle on your own. or late nights, a beautiful sky, along with you and me. (crossposted from ao3: junhuixeveryone; cov...
Heart Me by sophie_yoon13
Heart Meby Dhyl
What would you do if the power for finding your first kiss was at your fingertips? Park Hae-eun is a 18-year-old high-school transfer student at Seoyeon High School. She...
Kim Dongjun ❤️ by cool-boys
Kim Dongjun ❤️by cool people~
I'm ZE:A's maknae, Dongjun! It's nice to meet you~