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The Bodyguard (A Monsta X Fanfiction) by seastarssaki
The Bodyguard (A Monsta X 3minutes2negen
Inspired by the completion of the Bodyguard (An EXO Fanfiction), I have decided to make a similar story line but with Monsta X instead. Jiyeon was the youngest females...
  • kpop
  • jooheon
  • hyungwon
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Making Ugly Mine by imastupididyut
Making Ugly Mineby imastupididyut
We all do something stupid when we are young. That one stupid act that changes our lives and possibly others as well. Unfortunately, my one stupid act had results that l...
  • ugly
  • anger
  • accident
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liberosis; bts | au ✓ by somniatis__
liberosis; bts | au ✓by moved to stxrn-
❝Why do you care about them?❞ ❝Because they are survivors and survivors never leave their monsters behind.❞ bts | au trigger warning Disclaimer: All OC characters, plot...
  • suga
  • bangtan
  • jimin
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The Bodyguard  by blxckbxxk
The Bodyguard by blxckbxxk
"Out and about to explore the world, Dora?" A deep voice behind me laughed. Of course I knew who stood there but I thought he had left hours ago and would com...
  • trust
  • doratheexplorer
  • runaway
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Gus Alfin, Pejuang Cinta Halal Di Ujung Hilal by user36812105
Gus Alfin, Pejuang Cinta Halal Albiee el-haQ
Ali ibn Abi Thalib and Fathimah Az-Zahra love story re-generation 🍁🍁🍁 Allah maha c...
  • lovestory
  • pejuangcintahalaldiujunghilal
  • islam
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The Rejects by NotAlotOfPerfect
The Rejectsby NotAlotOfPerfect
They're Delinquents, The Rejects Of Society! Alternative To Prison, Ashdean Is A Home For Young Offenders, No One Quite Knows What Lands You In A Place Like That But Wha...
  • youth
  • arson
  • teen
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Act Like You Love Me|Shawn Mendes by BecauseMendes
Act Like You Love Me|Shawn Mendesby realist
"Act like you love me." He whisper so I do
  • popstar
  • actlikeyouloveme
  • love
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daughter of stars [poetry] by ml_price
daughter of stars [poetry]by M.L.Price
we are unexpected, unpredictable, and unexplainable. we are children of the universe, sons and daughters of stars. we are but mortal beings and we tarnish and fall apart...
  • life
  • aerospaceengineering
  • love
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she's just drama. by ccl_2002
she's just awkward sophomore
a collection of poetry. from a girl. Tryin to help others. but after all she's just drama... updated whenever.
  • thoughts
  • youth
  • thoughtful
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The Blade by Reffster
The Bladeby Alex Midwinter
Exams, no girlfriend, a cantankerous grandfather - George had it tough. And that's even before the assassins came for him, he discovered he's descended from a god, and...
  • gods
  • adultfic
  • action
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young! | DANIEL SEAVEY 1 ✓ by 𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕪
"you're too young to learn to grow up, daniel seavey." in which two teenagers fall in love and fall apart
  • corbynbesson
  • jonahmarais
  • drama
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les fleurs d'aphrodite by rottenlyrosy
les fleurs d'aphroditeby A M A R I S
SEA FOAM WOMB WASHED WITH AMBROSIA PERFUME, HER FLOWERS BLOOM FOR A LOST HONEYMOON. ♡ ranked 5th in #art ♡ ranked 6th in #prose ♡ ranked #12 in POETRY
  • prose
  • younglove
  • shortstory
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The boys receive a letter from Alfred Hitchcock requesting they visit a friend of his, Professor Yarborough, who has a mummy along with other artifacts in his house. The...
  • jupiterjones
  • threeinvestigators
  • series
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Hot chocolate & Good morning texts by _FlyingFish_
Hot chocolate & Good morning textsby Matthew Jordan Eli Beckett
I've always written poetry but it's been bulking up lately because I don't know what to do with it all😂. Hot chocolate & Good morning texts are the few things in this...
  • feelings
  • heartbreak
  • teens
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when you're ready | shawnmendes  by throughmalibu
when you're ready | shawnmendes by throughmalibu
@shawnmendes started following you + "When you're ready" Shawn's third album was due to come out in less than a week and I knew that was a track, despite not...
  • perfectlywrong
  • insta
  • handwritten
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(Not So) Sweet Switch by arielklontz
(Not So) Sweet Switchby Ariel Klontz
When type one diabetic Charisa's blood sugar tanks at a high school party and she passes out from hypoglycemia, popular drama nerd Xander tries to fix things with CPR, a...
  • diabetes
  • youth
  • magic
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The Harvest by AlanahAndrews
The Harvestby AlanahAndrews
ONLY THE WORTHY PASS THE HARVEST Ever since WWIII devastated the surface of the Earth, emotions have been strictly forbidden. Childhood friends, Eve and Hana, have grown...
  • the100
  • divergent
  • scifi
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Youth | Han Jisung by zhangbae
Youth | Han Jisungby yixing's balance
A little girl is in a corner of her room, hiding herself. A little boy is in his room alone, playing with his toy car, waiting for his parents to come home.
  • han
  • hanjisung
  • lovehate
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You by Kaylue_Lee
Youby Kay
"You"- meaning the you personally and You aside from me. This book talks about the You individually and going through times when you are your own light but, al...
  • loss
  • feelings
  • lifechanging
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A reason to live. by aquilashru
A reason to aquilashru
Sara, an Indian middle class girl with strong values and crazy wishes, childlike and liked by all... Is having an arranged marriage... Just like any normal girl she has...
  • yourstoryindia
  • generalfiction
  • dreams
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