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His Savior ✔️  by judelineclenord
His Savior ✔️ by Joude🇭🇹
"Hey, what happened to your face?" I asked my seat partner, CJ. He turned and took out his book ignoring my question. I took his hoodie down to see the whole...
Muted by JustANameOnTheApp
Mutedby JustANameOnTheApp
George was a pretty quiet person. No I'm serious he was really quiet. So quiet, in fact, that he hasn't said many words in the past 5 years. Despite George's silence, h...
Cat and Mouse by I_am_Ded_120
Cat and Mouseby Ded_writes
Rain dripped down the tall buildings of the city as a certain chimera was on a walk. It was well past waking hours, but he had no care for that. As he walked, he heard...
My Possessive Step-Brother (Ongoing) by army7bella
My Possessive Step-Brother (Ongoin...by ♡𝓣𝓪𝓮𝓴𝓸𝓸𝓴 𝓕𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓿𝓮�...
Taehyung : Why!? Jungkook why!? Why you don't let me hang out with others!? Why you make them scare and beat them!? Why can't you see me free & good!? Why you always int...
Dear Hush | Taejin by leavingmyMark
Dear Hush | Taejinby Mark
The story of how a deaf and shy high schooler, Kim Seokjin falls in love with his bully, Kim Taehyung. But no one quite knows the real pain and secrets Seokjin truly ho...
Do You Hear Me ? by thorny_fleur
Do You Hear Me ?by thorny_fleur
my take on what I'd love to see for ekkan
Northern Lights by notkrystel
Northern Lightsby g r a c e
[COMPLETED] Dominic Stone has a reputation as a respectable, hardworking business owner and he'd like to keep it that way. He considers himself to be a rather private in...
Baby May by Ahsoka98
Baby Mayby Queen98👑
What if Brian May and Anita Dobson had a daughter of their own? Can they be a happy family? Will it last? Will Brian's children accept her or make her feel left out? H...
The Betrayal (Nagatoro x senpai) by Roberr929
The Betrayal (Nagatoro x senpai)by Roberr929
In this story, sorry if this could be weird this is my first time making a story but, the story is about one day senpai was walking home, until he was attacked and bulli...
Our Love Maze (BTS SeokjinxReader) by destaenywrites
Our Love Maze (BTS SeokjinxReader)by Random Potato
Lee Y/N is used to people bullying her because of her weight. Growing up a short, chubby girl, she got used to the horrible names people gave her. Now she's a 24 year ol...
No Longer Silent Around You by lisaaaaa1616
No Longer Silent Around Youby Lisa (Clay)
Clay was born too early which makes him struggle a lot. His daily battle with multiple disabilities doesn't make his life easy and after also being bullied, even by his...
She's My Bully //COMPLETE// by Fangirl_Leo
She's My Bully //COMPLETE//by Fangirl_Leo
High School is where all the drama begins. But Trevor Black faced drama all his life. Partly because his entire life is a drama. When he enters highschool things change...
Why me? Tom Hiddleston adoption fanfic    by 10cT17
Why me? Tom Hiddleston adoption fa...by TenC
Matilda is a young Canadian girl, who has seen more bad stuff happen, than most people. She loves to Tap dance, read and learning new languages. One day, she gets gets...
Don't Give Up On Me ✔ by Karenj128
Don't Give Up On Me ✔by KarenJ128
Every high schooler says that high school is hell, but for an eighteen-year-old, Isla, it really is. For someone who is so sweet and pure she doesn't deserve the tormen...
Diet | K.TH (Wattys 2019) by ShyBoyCy
Diet | K.TH (Wattys 2019)by Cyrus
"Can I kiss you?" "Why?" "You're so worried about losing weight, why not burn some calories with me?" Eng fanfic #29 bullyingawareness #22...
Behind the Hoodie (Discontinued)  by Sydbuttnee49
Behind the Hoodie (Discontinued) by Sydnee Buttrey
Bailey Boyle is your average teenage girl except, her life is a living hell. Everyday she is beaten and pushed around, at home and at school. No one knows why she wears...
Rinney oneshots by Letsgetsmitten
Rinney oneshotsby Letsgetsmitten
Just Rinney oneshots if you want a different ship then I will make a difference book for random ones. I will take almost any requests if it's smut it will be aged up. I...
Don't Leave Me by Sidneydog21
Don't Leave Meby Sidney
Demi goes to Southwind Middle School to give a speech, but what happens when she hears something that she's not supposed to? Will 11 year old Emily allow Demi to help he...
Where It Leads Us by DreamingToBe17
Where It Leads Usby Joie Silvers
Lauren Sanders has been left to start a 'new' normal life with her aunt and cousin after her family died. Everybody knows almost everything except for two things: Lauren...
On The Plus Side by blackcrayons
On The Plus Sideby violet
In which an overweight girl who loves chocolate a little to much resolves to lose weight with the help of a brooding and overly mysterious boy. Highest Rankings: [#1 bo...