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My Best Mistake by Cutesyn18
My Best Mistakeby Natalia🤓
Natalia comes home to find her husband and sister in bed together after her husband tell her they have been sleeping together for 1 year .what is she to do but pack up...
R.A.I.N.B.O.W by SamMurty4
R.A.I.N.B.O.Wby Sam Murty
Rainbow, the only thing that's common between them and the only word that can define the two but differently. DCP Viraj Subramanyam, a man of principles. Never hesitates...
Because of Matthew by breanna_nicole95
Because of Matthewby Breanna Spicer
Alyssa Daniels' life was changed forever when she became the foster mother of an abandoned infant. The first two years after finding him, Alyssa thought she and Matthew...
My Daughter, Audrey [ON HOLD] by EKShortstories
My Daughter, Audrey [ON HOLD]by e. s. clifton
Peter Holmes is a tailor in Liverpool, England. He has his eyes set on a gorgeous showgirl, Jennie Willis, who he hopes to marry someday. However, life throws him a ne...
Ungodly Hour | d.e. by lisha-stories
Ungodly Hour | A L I S H A
Success doesn't equate happiness. I've had to learn that the hard way over the years. With every disappointment, every let down, every heartbreak, my solution was to jus...
Beneath Your Beauty (Vmin) by Vlovers19
Beneath Your Beauty (Vmin)by Vlovers19
Ten years ago, Jimin formerly a woman Jessica got dumped by her boyfriend Taehyung after exposing her sexuality unaware that she's pregnant. Now living as a man, Jimin i...
SIERRA'S LEONE by AmariOkito
SIERRA'S LEONEby Amari Okito
Sierra becomes the mom of six months old Leone, her deceased best friend's son. The baby's grandparents want his custody and conspire. Who else has more rights than Leon...
A Love To Fake {ongoing} by Cathyrna
A Love To Fake {ongoing}by Caitlyn🦋
"sign them" he says throwing a bunch of papers on the table. "What are these?" I ask bending down slowly because my stomach is too big "Divorce...
separated love 💔(completed)  by NikunjandDiksha
separated love 💔(completed) by diksha
So this story belongs to our most loving couple Sumod.. How they were separated after there marriage and what kept them connected to each other..
Mine to Watch Over by Ruechari
Mine to Watch Overby Ruechari
Oh, what a tangled web... Olivia is desperate to safeguard her heart from Dillion. She can't go down this path again, yet fate keeps bringing them together. Dillion know...
Noises Next Door Niam/Zarry Toddler!Louis by nikilynn01
Noises Next Door Niam/Zarry Nicole
One night they heard the sound of screaming and crying coming from the flat next door. They soon find out it's a little boy named Louis lives there with his abusive fath...
His Ruthless Desire II Book#2 Al Jahaan Series(Completed) ✓ by AlizaJabri
His Ruthless Desire II Book#2 Al Aliza Jabri
Taimur Jahaan had found a perfect life partner in Alia. They are blessed with three beautiful sons. But they both long for a daughter, their happily ever after is interr...
A.M.I.T.Y. - A white collar fan fiction by IrrevocableMadness
A.M.I.T.Y. - A white collar fan Resci Waters
Amity, a 16-year-old talented thief and escape artist. After three months in juvy she is finally ready to get out. However, she is certainly not ready to welcome a new b...
Confessions of a Teenage Stripper by xowritergirl14xo
Confessions of a Teenage Stripperby xowritergirl14xo
Meet Abigail: a senior in her small hometown's only school, West High. With her large glasses, make-up free face and hand-me-down clothes, it's no wonder Abigail is ofte...
Light In The Darkness by xMrsHardy
Light In The Darknessby xEsmee
Harmony Jones is viewed by everyone as strange, crazy and weird. Typical is not the word people tend to think of when it comes to her but never judge a book by its cover...
Nuclear Family by imacharacter98
Nuclear Familyby imacharacter98
Typically 'nuclear family' refers to two parents and their offspring. Together they are one unit. However... Tony, Ziva, and Tali are anything but your typical family. T...
Diminutives by Kashish_J
Diminutivesby Kashish
A bunch of short stories 😁 Cover page is downloaded from internet. None of the images used in chapters are owned by Author.
Choosing Him (My Boyfriend's Best-Friend) by spbwhat
Choosing Him (My Boyfriend's Samantha Hoover
NEW TITLE : Choosing Him ORIGINAL TITLE : MY BOYFRIEND'S BEST-FRIEND {STILL BEING REVISED} [1st book in the 'Hunters Family Series'] Aria Marie Collins was just a regula...
Mr. CEO Spoil Me 100 % by Eveanna28
Mr. CEO Spoil Me 100 %by Eveanna28
3 years after divorce, Xia Xinghe and Xi Mubai meet again. The man was engaged while the other was living a hard life. After a car accident Xia Xinghe's life changed, an...
Redemption by richajb
Redemptionby Rjb
This is #ISHRA story. This story begins after Ishita shot Adi dead. Whole of bhalla clan and Raman is against Ishita. Afterall who would see a young son dead. Raman is...