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Ungodly Hour | d.e. by lisha-stories
Ungodly Hour | A L I S H A
Success doesn't equate happiness. I've had to learn that the hard way over the years. With every disappointment, every let down, every heartbreak, my solution was to jus...
The President's Son by itsmjlove
The President's Sonby M.J.
Gracelyn Gardner never expected to do anything exciting with her life. Well that is until she got knocked up by the President's son while visiting her father in Was...
My Unwanted Child by Annken727
My Unwanted Childby Annken727
Mia just turned 21 and is about to graduate from Columbia in 2 months when she finds out she is pregnant by her long term boyfriend, Nathan, of two years. It was not p...
Loving Oliver by SimplyRaeLove
Loving Oliverby Raé Johnson
"I could honestly say that I never thought I would be the girl to break into her ex's bedroom. I never thought I would climb three stories via the lattice panels on...
The Stone Knight (gay)✔️ by monkeybreath
The Stone Knight (gay)✔️by monkeybreath
Dylan is rich, unapproachable and faithful to the memory of his late wife. After an unfortunate one-night stand with consequences, he is the father of a second son, Noa...
Till Death Do Us Part by StayingUptonight
Till Death Do Us Partby smirkingcat13
(The Billionaire Boy Trapped Me) *UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION* "The Story of Betrayal, lust, and Fortitude. " Will you forgive someone who had betrayed you? Even t...
Counting Sheep by GameGender
Counting Sheepby Mack Mousner
Maxine Carter was known for a few things. She had been a child prodigy and also that she was the sole survivor of the "Counted" cult after it burned to the gro...
The Way Back | ✓ by AnneeSparrow
The Way Back | ✓by Anha
For Andrew Cai, everything followed routine and when that routine broke because his wife filed for a divorce, his life spiralled downwards. For London Wan Liang, moving...
Mr. CEO Spoil Me 100 % by Eveanna28
Mr. CEO Spoil Me 100 %by Eveanna28
3 years after divorce, Xia Xinghe and Xi Mubai meet again. The man was engaged while the other was living a hard life. After a car accident Xia Xinghe's life changed, an...
Hopeless by AudreyCroe
Hopelessby SincerelyA.C
*Rewriting/editing* (Book 2 in the unwanted series) "Collin, We have to do it together, put our opposites aside, fall asleep and wake up more in love than the day b...
Here I Stand (BWWM) (AMBW)  by dody_215
Here I Stand (BWWM) (AMBW) by Dorothy Nwude
For those who forgot how it feels to be loved, for those who need reminding, for those whose heart need a break from the brutalities of the world, for the hopeless roman...
Heart of Ink (Edited) by Ineedsomeeggs
Heart of Ink (Edited)by Louisiana Illidge
A tattoo artist who's going through a nasty custody battle and a carefree influencer with her own troubles. What happens when they cross paths? Will be updating as much...
Grey by Ms_Rose000
Greyby Alex Rose
"He knows about the baby at least... Right?" **** Robyn Thomas's relationship with her ex husband isn't a good one, to put it lightly. After a nasty divorce, a...
His Secret Son - Diza Story by queenlolo101
His Secret Son - Diza Storyby Babe❤️
Why did Liza and David really break up? How long can Liza keep a secret from David?
MARRIED AGAIN ❤ ~ A TwiNj FF ❤  by PayalGupta2001
MARRIED AGAIN ❤ ~ A TwiNj FF ❤ by Payal Gupta
this is the story of PUNAR VIVAH of our Twinj...❤❤ #9- #tashaneishq on 26 August 2020 😘
Noises Next Door Niam/Zarry Toddler!Louis by nikilynn01
Noises Next Door Niam/Zarry Nicole
One night they heard the sound of screaming and crying coming from the flat next door. They soon find out it's a little boy named Louis lives there with his abusive fath...
My Brother by JustAnotherValkyrie
My Brotherby Freya
Zeldris has a younger half-brother, Meliodas. Zeldris's friends, King, Ban, Diane and Elizabeth don't know about him. When he moves in with Zeldris, life gets a lot mor...
Rock-A-Bye  Baby [✓] by DezmaFernandez
Rock-A-Bye Baby [✓]by DezmaFernandez
He is a busy businessman who doesn't have time to waste on females. His life takes a turn when he is handed the custody of his niece after his brother and sister-in-law...
Diminutives by Kashish_J
Diminutivesby Kashish
A bunch of short stories 😁 Cover page is downloaded from internet. None of the images used in chapters are owned by Author.