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The DemonLord's attempted retirement by thedoctorgonepale
The DemonLord's attempted Thedoctorgonepale
In the magical era of Kingdoms and Empires, humanity has been at war with the forces of hell, lead by their Demon Lord for many years. A magic sword along with a prophec...
Where's my Alpha? (GirlxGirl) by xoxEmilyInfinitexox
Where's my Alpha? (GirlxGirl)by Empath
Riya is known as the dead-end blonde were-wolf from Tribe Roaring Moon. As the only off spring from the elder Alpha she has no choice to go on a hunt for her mate. As th...
Accidents Can Happen by BubblySoccer
Accidents Can Happenby Jayme112234
Going for her regular check-up at her gynaecologist's office, Leona finds her entire life turned upside down by a simple mistake that changes everything. ft. Fernando To...
Flippy X Reader by Adam_Dark_Stars
Flippy X Readerby Adam Dark Stars
Request story for a flippy x reader ship You are a retired Air Force veteran after being drafted to war at the age of 18, now that you are 31 and have a missing right ar...
Retirement // Severus Snape x reader by sips___tea
Retirement // Severus Snape x Slope's wife
When you and Severus escape Voldemort, everyone thinks that you both are dead. You move into a small cottage in Scotland and wish to live in peace forever. Or will that...
The Minotaur by AdeAlaoOluwaferanmiA
The Minotaurby Ade-Alao Oluwaferanmi Ayodele
Being a thousand-year old vampire does have its perks: like immunity to sunlight, or the ability to transform into smoke or a giant winged bat, or just downright being t...
The Mighty Eagles: If I Were A Time Lord by xxdisneyfan99xx
The Mighty Eagles: If I Were A Comanche99
"So long as we live, there are things that will never go our way. When we die, it must happen in a way that carries no regrets." -Enterprise Many years have pa...
Millionaires Secrets by RobertZelask0
Millionaires Secretsby Robert Zelasko
Follow these simple guide lines and become a millionaire. Discover how millionaires make their millions. Take the advice that's in this book, it's the best advice you'll...
Who's Robin ? by youchoose123
Who's Robin ?by youchoose123
When Robin gets injured, batman decides to retire Robin, so he leaves. After 3 years he reappears to yj at a collapsing mall, and goes by the name Renegade, apprentice...
You Will Always Be Our Captain by vikasiniv711
You Will Always Be Our Captainby Vikasini
MSDian? Then your destination is right !!!🤗 Cricket , Cricketers and a LOT OF DHONISM is what I would describe this book 😉 I know , being an MSDian and Following crick...
The Adventures of The Isle of The Lost and Auradon by Eveline_Queen10
The Adventures of The Isle of Eveline_Queen10
This is an Adventure of the isle of the lost and Auradon and yes, There is Carvie but Jane and Doug and not Evil in this story....Anymore😉
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Can Never Stop Looking out for You by bleedblue2011
Can Never Stop Looking out for Youby Neha Srivastav
December, 2014... The Indian Test team in tumult A captain forced to step down due to a misunderstanding, hurt beyond words by the person he loves the most A vice capta...
12 Days of Destiel by RobinHood37
12 Days of Destielby Wanda Maximoff
When 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas', the newly married Dean Winchester and Castiel start getting into the holiday spirit--something new to the both of the...
...And The World Was Gone *Matt Murdock* by Anika_Ann_M
...And The World Was Gone *Matt Anika_Ann_M
Waking up in hospital sucked. Waking up in hospital without a clue of what happened to get him there was worse. Finding everyone thinking he apparently dreamed up the ev...
The blunt-ness gone (AR & JB) by virtis-letalis
The blunt-ness gone (AR & JB)by ^-^
Alex rider and James Bond crossover All about their assignment to kill Alan Blunt (the former head of MI6) 'Attack him quick, harsh and fast but let him have a slow deat...
RvB plays Truth or Dare by MidNightProduction
RvB plays Truth or Dareby Midnight
After the battle against Malcom Hargrove, the Reds and Blues, including the ex-freelancers retire, but not after playing Truth or Dare! "God dammit, Caboose!"...
Thank You Scott by L-O-LHI
Thank You Scottby You See Me???
Nursing a Grudge: An Earl Walker Mystery by ChrisWell
Nursing a Grudge: An Earl Walker Chris Well
WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN? With the nursing home about to close for good, can a grumpy old man find a killer—and figure out his relationship with his new lady f...
Gore by _kermitthecat_
Goreby Kermit
This story is just for me to express my imagination in a very dark way. James is the main character.