Retirement Stories

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The DemonLord's attempted retirement  by thedoctorgonepale
The DemonLord's attempted Thedoctorgonepale
In the magical era of Kingdoms and Empires, humanity has been at war with the forces of hell, lead by their Demon Lord for many years. A magic sword along with a prophec...
Where's my Alpha? (GirlxGirl) by xoxEmilyInfinitexox
Where's my Alpha? (GirlxGirl)by Empath
Riya is known as the dead-end blonde were-wolf from Tribe Roaring Moon. As the only off spring from the elder Alpha she has no choice to go on a hunt for her mate. As th...
Millionaires Secrets by RobertZelask0
Millionaires Secretsby Robert Zelasko
Follow these simple guide lines and become a millionaire. Discover how millionaires make their millions. Take the advice that's in this book, it's the best advice you'll...
Accidents Can Happen by Jayme112234
Accidents Can Happenby Jayme112234
Going for her regular check-up at her gynaecologist's office, Leona finds her entire life turned upside down by a simple mistake that changes everything. ft. Fernando To...
Gore by _kermitthecat_
Goreby Kermit
This story is just for me to express my imagination in a very dark way. James is the main character.
Nursing a Grudge: An Earl Walker Mystery by ChrisWell
Nursing a Grudge: An Earl Walker Chris Well
WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN? With the nursing home about to close for good, can a grumpy old man find a killer—and figure out his relationship with his new lady f...
PHENIX  (EDITED) by BrookeNotAshley
PHENIX (EDITED)by TheWriteBrooke
Roy never intended to become an agent of PHENIX. He certainly never intended to spare a child he was supposed to kill. But Roy makes that choice, and the even more dange...
The Retired Hero become a Teacher  by mikanarhiz
The Retired Hero become a Teacher by Mark Ariston
An assassin came to do an impossible assassination, and he succeeded. But after the war, he suddenly disappeared. (The photo was not mine)
The Mighty Eagles: If I Were A Time Lord by xxdisneyfan99xx
The Mighty Eagles: If I Were A Comanche99
"So long as we live, there are things that will never go our way. When we die, it must happen in a way that carries no regrets." -Enterprise Many years have pa...
Take Me to Aruba by MsICanRead
Take Me to Arubaby MsICanRead
Stuck in their monotonous routine in the Cherry Blossom Retirement Community, George, Jerry, and Alan, pool their savings to escape to Aruba. There the three feisty reti...
Flippy X Reader by Adam_Dark_Stars
Flippy X Readerby Adam Dark Stars
Request story for a flippy x reader ship You are a retired Air Force veteran after being drafted to war at the age of 18, now that you are 31 and have a missing right ar...
Who's Robin ? by youchoose123
Who's Robin ?by youchoose123
When Robin gets injured, batman decides to retire Robin, so he leaves. After 3 years he reappears to yj at a collapsing mall, and goes by the name Renegade, apprentice...
What it means to be Doctor McCoy; these are the ways by TFALokiwriter
What it means to be Doctor McCoy; Ivy
Used to be titled: Will the real Leonard McCoy please stand up? The title landed in my head. This happened. I do not know where this is going. I am the pilot but I have...
A lazy girl to an athlete by WhoSeeksShallFind
A lazy girl to an athleteby Never give up
what happens when a lazy and a bad girl named Sophia is trained under a hardcore retired Commander who is presently working as a cruel and strict coach.His name is Mr.Mi...
...And The World Was Gone *Matt Murdock* by Anika_Ann_M
...And The World Was Gone *Matt Anika_Ann_M
Waking up in hospital sucked. Waking up in hospital without a clue of what happened to get him there was worse. Finding everyone thinking he apparently dreamed up the ev...
The White Wolf Series Part 1 of 4: Retirement by LewisStockton
The White Wolf Series Part 1 of Lewis Stockton
A series of stories set post Witcher 3. Geralt has saved Ciri, the Northern War was won in the name of King Radovid V the Stern and the Nilfgaard army settled along the...
The Minotaur by AdeAlaoOluwaferanmiA
The Minotaurby Ade-Alao Oluwaferanmi Ayodele
Being a thousand-year old vampire does have its perks: like immunity to sunlight, or the ability to transform into smoke or a giant winged bat, or just downright being t...
Glee- Season 7- Episode 24: "Wedding & Aftermath" by ScottDecker6
Glee- Season 7- Episode 24: " Scott Decker
In Part 2 of the series finale, the Glee club must prepare for a triple wedding bonanza. Plus, Emma, Sue & Mr. Schue make life-altering decisions. Even more, the graduat...
Dear Dad by sneha2222
Dear Dadby sneha2222
Wake Up by Kianabriz
Wake Upby Kiana Brizendine
It takes guts to escape from your prison. It takes guts to leave everything you know. It takes even more guts to talk to your son after twenty years. Especially when you...