*This is the spin-off to Runaway Bride.  I recommend reading it before starting to read this one.*
    Locked in a small room with her mother since birth, Amanda quickly learned the dark side of life.  Her mother Angela, chained by her ankle, was only able to walk around the small space.
     When the day came and they were freed, Amanda being 4 years old, her life turned upside-down.  She had to learn to trust others, believe in them, put her life, emotion and heart on the line.
     She made so much progress with Emily, her psychologist of 12 years but she's having trouble with the next 'homework' Emily wants her to do, befriend Blake and learn to trust him.  Being 20 years old and still only trusting her family and her only friend, Lisa, she doesn't know where to start.  Sex doesn't need emotions and doesn't need for her heart to be involved.
     As for Blake, he'd seen Amanda for years without her giving him a glance.  Working with her father as a mechanic, and her coming around now and then, made him curious about her.  When they started sleeping together, he thought he had her but always waking up alone, he realized she had other things in mind.
     Amanda's finally an adult.  What has become of her?  Will she ever fully trust a man with her heart?  Will she find happiness or will she continue to live her life being cold, heartless like some people call her?
Ugh This freaks me out. I need to see her as twenty and not four
so excited to read this spin-off XD you are an amazing writer
auh...! such a good book i just completed runaway bride and was hoping for spinoff and here i found it!! i'm sure i am gonna love this also!!! good work!!! all the best!!!
im not sure but I would never say that this book is different from others, ur an awesome story writer.
Omfg this book is amazing, surely different from other books I've read, and I'm so attached to it! I love it, one of my favorites so far
I don't know why but chapter 1 is showing up differently for me