A Maid For The Master by _BeneathTheMask_
A Maid For The Masterby G. C. Hogan
Jay suddenly stopped smiling. The atmosphere changed abruptly, and he leaned in towards me. "You've been getting more embarrassed around me lately. Why is that?&quo...
  • maid
  • love
  • intimate
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Aashiq Banaya Apne by sarun786
Aashiq Banaya Apneby sarun786
Highest Ranking #1 in Intimate Rank #9 in Intense Romace between ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA and KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA is full on and in love they coudnt control more and broke...
  • barunsanaya
  • sanayairani
  • sanaya
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good girl; h.s. a.u. by misterstyles94
good girl; h.s. -
"Now, be a good little girl, and show your daddy how much you want him," Includes mature themes, daddy kinks, bad language, and age gaps.// ...
  • kink
  • passionate
  • intimate
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Forbidden: Restricted Chapters (18+) [Complete] by HayleBales
Forbidden: Restricted Chapters ( -HAYLEY-
Does what it says on the tin. Restricted, smutty chapters of Forbidden. Enjoy <3
  • 18plus
  • daddy
  • money
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Shrouded #Wattys2018 by curlynerd4ever
Shrouded #Wattys2018by CurlyNerd
Thalia Alfonsi, has finally moved in with her father's sister in order to live a life full of promise, keen and good away from the shattered home she had been bought up...
  • rich
  • abuse
  • livelihood
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My Collection Of Sherlock Smuts by SherlocksGaze
My Collection Of Sherlock Smutsby 7-18-18
Literally this whole thing is grade A Sherlock x reader smut, also it's full of sin so I've warned you
  • fangirl
  • lovestory
  • hot
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Manan SS Passionately Intimate (18+) by Andal100
Manan SS Passionately Intimate ( Andal100
Read this amazing story on Manan where collision of bodies matter more than words. This will be very mature story, so only 18+ can read this. Cover credits: @elysiancoral
  • love
  • passion
  • manan
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Elysian by ayemaaaaaan
Elysianby Aymen.
#3 in Pakistani on 9th July 2018 Jannat, a barely eighteen, timid girl living with her parents. They are not her biological parents though. They are her Taya and Tayi...
  • sister
  • intimate
  • romance
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LOST CONTROL Highest Ranking #1 in Intimate RANK #15 in Intense RANK #12 in Wild
  • mature
  • khushiarnavsinghraizada
  • arnavkhushi
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The First Time (English Version) by blackparanoia
The First Time (English Version)by DARKUS
He make me feel like I'm in Heaven.
  • relationship
  • couples
  • intimate
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TAEKOOK |SMUTS 18+| by ilovebeingme07
TAEKOOK |SMUTS 18+|by TaeKook KimJeon
Allows me to create Taekook's smuts story. This is a fanfic boyxboy story. Read this unless you're an open minded person. age view |18+| Gomawo!
  • taekookff
  • bottomtae
  • taekook
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Devoted * H.S by perfectlyporcelain
Devoted * H.Sby Z
"He doesn't make you feel the way I do." He whispers into my ear, his warm, minty breath brushing against my sensitive skin. His large hand trailing down my bo...
  • mature
  • harry
  • romance
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Revealing Scars by TheLondonDreamer
Revealing Scarsby London Dreamer
His deep grey eyes bore through my simple black orbs. I stumble back as he steps forward like a predator towards his prey. He seems to be sucking all the air in my surro...
  • love
  • crime
  • runaway
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when the dawn is near, you in my bed is all i need.
  • biography
  • intimate
  • spilledink
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Unhinged  by mimisimsi
Unhinged by mimisimsz
A young girl looses her parents, she soon moved in with the detective who was assigned to find her parents murder. Her parents death seems to be a problem that always co...
  • secrets
  • storytelling
  • cruelworld
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Do you remember me? by 06rjones
Do you remember me?by 06rjones
Jacob moved away from his best friend, Megan at the age of 11. Will he still remember her after five years? Keep reading to find out.
  • chute
  • sexy
  • badboy
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Whispers and Cries by xBeckyBoo
Whispers and Criesby Becky
"You want me, don't you, Lettie?" He purred at me seductively. "In your dreams, jackass!" He shut me up with a passionate kiss, it felt like boulders...
  • fierce
  • romance
  • protective
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Falling for Mr. Evans by KelseylovesBTS
Falling for Mr. Evansby Jiminie's Pabo.
She knows it's wrong - so why can't she control her feelings? Violet a twenty year old (just about to be twenty-one) tells the story of how she fell for her best friends...
  • lovestory
  • father
  • truelove
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