My Kinky Realtionship by Real_Sexy
My Kinky Realtionshipby Real_Sexy
My name? Mariah. I'm 14. That's when it started. Yeah, I guess you could call me a slut. But whatever. Just read if you want to know why.
  • kinky
  • love
  • toys
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Jaspers little toy by Charlies_wildflowers
Jaspers little toyby Charlie Stutzman
bdsm..... fun... kinky stuff...
  • submission
  • dominant
  • cuffs
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The Hypnotizing Podcast by Fanfictionismylyfe20
The Hypnotizing Podcastby Emily Buxton
Sara was a single 21 year old who didn't know what to do with her spare time, she notice this podcast that was going viral called "Kitten's Podcast" so she dec...
  • sexy
  • incest-story
  • mindcontrol
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Baby On My Doorstep by Redwriter3
Baby On My Doorstepby Savanna Barnes
Sydney Carson has grown up in the system, shuffled from one set of foster parents to the next, until she was granted emancipation. Now she's living on her own, going to...
  • life
  • mom
  • lies
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Camren Smut +18 No G!P by LaTangaDeCamila
Camren Smut +18 No G!Pby LaTangaDeCamila
Sorry there's no G!P but I'm not reeeeallyyy into that.Well,this will be about 2-4 chapters for each scene,each one will have a bit of story until we get to the SMUT,I g...
  • camren
  • lesbian
  • sextoys
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WHY ME by Bobpsbacon2
WHY MEby Bobpsbacon2
Daddy im a lesbian.
  • whips
  • slave
  • love
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~Nobody can please you like I can~ (18+ || Yoonmin FF) by loreen_98
~Nobody can please you like I loreen_98
They are internationally famous as the K Pop Group BTS. All of them focused on their career, no time for relationships. But what happens when Jimin starts dating a cute...
  • suga
  • gay
  • toys
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Please Master (R18+) by maryl69
Please Master (R18+)by maryl69
Short stories for 18 and above only. Read at your own risk.
  • r18
  • humiliation
  • toys
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Jason The Toymaker x Reader by MarissaMoonlight
Jason The Toymaker x Readerby Marissa_Moonlight
She will be mine ~Jason The Toymaker
  • iliketurtles
  • creepypasta
  • jasonthetoymaker
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Submissive Sehun BDSM Imagines by YehetDreams
Submissive Sehun BDSM Imaginesby ☯️
Rest In Peace JongHyun 💔 Gone but never forgotten. love submissive Sehun Imagines, but I don't see many of them. And I hardly see any BDSM Imagines with Sehun either...
  • wattpride
  • cockblock
  • kink
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~No Mercy~ || Katsudeku by Dekuinmypants
~No Mercy~ || Katsudekuby Dekuinmypants
If only Izuku's classmates knew how perverted he truly was- obeying every command Katsuki gave him, coming close to humiliating himself in front of everybody if they fou...
  • toys
  • bakudeku
  • todorokishouto
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(ON HOLD) Mangle x Foxy | | Mangled Love | | Book 2 by MariBaee
(ON HOLD) Mangle x Foxy | | MariBaee
(Sequel to my first story, I recommend reading that before this to find out how they met!) After Vixen was destroyed by the toddlers and was given the name 'Mangle', The...
  • fnaf2
  • goldenfreddy
  • springtrap
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Little Mind by dailypessimism
Little Mindby Soft repressed emo
Standing in front of a lot of older men, very important men, can be scary. Even to the highest of the high. Trying to stay upright and not make a fool of myself, my eye...
  • harry
  • alternate
  • universe
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The Life and Times of Nicholas Claus by heatherjarden
The Life and Times of Nicholas Heather Jarden
The story of how a little boy named Nicholas Claus became the ever-famous Santa Claus.
  • poor
  • christmas
  • artist
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¿Me Amarías? | Bonnie x Foxy | FNAF | by: SantiPuppet by SantiPuppet
¿Me Amarías? | Bonnie x Foxy | L.E.F.T.Y MaleVersion
Después de haber quedado atrapados en los "human-tronics" Bonnie queda afectado de no volver a la vida de antes pero Foxy lo quiere ayudar, pero al mismo tiemp...
  • freddy
  • fonnie
  • toybonnie
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Unafraid (FNaF2Human!) by ClashOfClansGrl
Unafraid (FNaF2Human!)by Clash
Leila Tang and her family move just a few blocks away from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria 2.0, also known as Junior's. Due to her father loosing his job, Leila is forced to f...
  • fnaf2
  • xreader
  • marion
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Toys [Hisoka x Reader] by bbleau
Toys [Hisoka x Reader]by Cedar
"Oh, look a new toy." He purred.
  • toys
  • fanfic
  • hisoka
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Toy || bts || bt21 ||  by xbngtnx
Toy || bts || bt21 || by xbngtnx
What if your toys came to life? And when a strange boy comes to visit, he leaves you with a curse? Could curses not be as bad as you think? What problems will you face o...
  • toys
  • bt21
  • kim
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A Sex Toy? (Kagekao X Reader) by XxHunter02xX
A Sex Toy? (Kagekao X Reader)by Hunter
Taking a trip to Japan sounds awesome, until you meet the one and only Kagekao. Where he tries to kill you. But let bygones be bygones. After all, he did just make you...
  • killers
  • toys
  • kagekao
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Madison Rose™ by cake-melanie-dun
Madison Rose™by L-O-S-E-R-S
Xavier and my daughter Maddie ❤️ ??
  • toys
  • parents
  • princess
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