A Race to the Alpha by rodriguez88
A Race to the Alphaby rodriguez88
Alex walker a sixteen year old girl who had a terrible past. Her brothers are constantly watching over her, scared she might go through the same thing over again. But sh...
  • tragedy
  • packs
  • protection
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Yandere!2p!America x Reader-Winning by Dina-soar
Yandere!2p!America x Reader-Winningby Mexico
[SEQUEL TO SATISFIED] It's been years since you've last seen Allen. He's been in prison and now you're dating Nathaniel. But everything starts to go terrible once again...
  • fanfiction
  • 2phetalia
  • reader
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Success In Failure by afrid2002
Success In Failureby Afrid Ariff
Winner of "Non Fiction Book Of The Year"- Fiction Awards #16 in non-fiction hotlist ******************** Who doesn...
  • winning
  • road
  • inspirational
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Writing Contests [ON HOLD] by ha7lie
Writing Contests [ON HOLD]by h a y l i e
(CONTESTS ARE ON HOLD) Do you want to show off your skills, but no one noticed? Do you want to be noticed? Show off your writing here, at Monthly Writing Contests! Whet...
  • bookcomp
  • competition
  • story
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Finding A Family by AbzWriter
Finding A Familyby Me!
Cindy Campbell, a criminal foster kid with an unknown past and a rocky future arrives in the home of the Bruno-Freedman couple. Two alien freaks as she recalls. Now with...
  • mountain
  • las
  • love
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A Favor. by jocie_bear
A jocie_bear
"Hey. Girl!" I heard a voice called out behind me. "I Saw You yesterday!" That stopped me. Well he could be talking about when I went to the store or...
  • winning
  • favors
  • love
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Ink. by geekyguy101
#7 Kevyn Flores
Hi, my name is Kevyn Flores. These are small poems and stories inspired by everything around me. When you get to a poem or story that has a video, first read the poem an...
  • poetry
  • visions
  • suicide
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Poems by ChristianComalover1
Poemsby Kat
Just random poems that I use to vent
  • pain
  • time
  • kinggeorge
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