Another Cinderella Story (In Editing) by SerenaAmour
Another Cinderella Story (In Editi...by Kasu
"Don't talk to me every again! I don't want to be friends with you anymore!" Through thick and thin a small mistake broke their friendship when they were young...
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Not Your Ordinary Freshman by Foreverneedless21
Not Your Ordinary Freshmanby Forever Needless
Different doesn't always mean someone has a personality different from yours. It can mean they have physical differences. In this book, a blonde freshman has a physical...
  • fire
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I'm still here  by Wheeljack22
I'm still here by Wheeljack 22
A transformers prime fanfic Optimus Prime and Megatron. Two great forces colliding and battling to the death. Both of which miss each other dearly even though they cru...
  • prime
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Waiting on Love by Maibb7
Waiting on Loveby Tabitha
  • romance
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excerpts from a book i'll never write by wonderlandier
excerpts from a book i'll never wr...by dorothy🌹
she was music but you had your ears cut off. - rupi kaur
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Trainer Magic Academy [Pokémon Fanfic] by the_KawaiiKitty
Trainer Magic Academy [Pokémon Fan...by Ashley 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇭
What would you do if you were stuck in a world that had a Boys VS Girls war? You'd want to get along of course! Dawn Berlitz, May Maple, Leaf Green, Iris, Crystal Sky...
  • romance
  • pokemon
  • academy
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You wouldn't care if i explained  by sabinaeichorn
You wouldn't care if i explained by sabinaeichorn
Just trying to get my thoughts out before they consume me {TRIGGER WARNING- mentions of suicide and self harm}
  • illness
  • emotional
  • poem
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I love you more (snow reacts x reader)  by AmazingJess11
I love you more (snow reacts x rea...by Jessica.Marie37
There are 2 guys, your crush and your new found love. Who will you choose? Who will be the one to steal your heart? Read to find out!
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