Another Cinderella Story (In Editing) by SerenaAmour
Another Cinderella Story (In Editi...by Kasu
"Don't talk to me every again! I don't want to be friends with you anymore!" Through thick and thin a small mistake broke their friendship when they were young...
  • music
  • cinderella
  • gary
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The Dark Side: A Greek Story by shadxw_keeper
The Dark Side: A Greek Storyby ...
The Gods and Goddesses had just revealed their dark sides. They didn't particularly want everyone to know this person inside themselves that they had hidden for so long...
  • wondering
  • hypnos
  • blood
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I'm still here  by Wheeljack22
I'm still here by Wheeljack 22
A transformers prime fanfic Optimus Prime and Megatron. Two great forces colliding and battling to the death. Both of which miss each other dearly even though they cru...
  • enemies
  • transformers
  • longing
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You wouldn't care if i explained  by sabinaeichorn
You wouldn't care if i explained by sabinaeichorn
Just trying to get my thoughts out before they consume me {TRIGGER WARNING- mentions of suicide and self harm}
  • hope
  • hurt
  • heartbreak
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To All The Boys Contest by SruthidaBookworm
To All The Boys Contestby TheGreatGodessofBooks
#ToAllTheBoysContest To the boy who has tattooed himself on my heart.
  • life
  • crushed
  • wishfulthinking
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excerpts from a book i'll never write by wonderlandier
excerpts from a book i'll never wr...by dorothy🌹
she was music but you had your ears cut off. - rupi kaur
  • poems
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Collection of Attempted Love Poems by EmiViar
Collection of Attempted Love Poemsby MVR
Poems that might not have started out as love poems. Some were made because I thought they sounded nice.
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