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Daastan E Ishq | داستانِ عشق by Hafsa_tahir
Daastan E Ishq | داستانِ عشقby Hafsa Tahir
A collection of short stories filled with cheesiness, cliches, romance and thrill waiting for you to unravel them. Hoping for you to have a good time with these. Love...
Solitude  by titi_hendrix
Solitude by Titi🐼♥️
🚨Spin-off of My Life's Meaning 🚨 BOOK #2 Tiana & Remo's story ============ "What do you want to do?" Geovani sighs laying on the couch with his arms behind...
Trouble With The Crown by TheMoonCrystal
Trouble With The Crownby ❧ Midnight Crystal ❧
When her kingdom is taken away from her, she must embark on a journey to get it back.
Mine//Maze runner  by 80sx_Themightyducks
Mine//Maze runner by Noraonda12210
Y/n had had a sudden awakening, she doesent know who she is or what she's doing here, strange events lead to one thing and another... but she's developed feelings for th...
Where We Belong by virginofaquarius
Where We Belongby LadyUchiha
They turned out the only two surviving Akatsuki members. But how had that been possible if they could both perfectly recalled having died? In Itachi's case, twice for la...
Don't Give Up On Me ✔ by Karenj128
Don't Give Up On Me ✔by KarenJ128
Every high schooler says that high school is hell, but for eighteen-year-old, Isla, it really is. For someone who is so sweet and pure she doesn't deserve the torment s...
One of the Guys by TheDARKNightFall
One of the Guysby Hannah
Aubrey Smith has always seen herself as one of the guys. What happens when she wants to change that? Instead of being known for throwing a perfect spiral with her footba...
Raiza's Burden by adventuretazi
Raiza's Burdenby Tazeen
Raiza fell in love with the charming and passionate Siddharth she was sure it was meant to be. A love to last a life time. His passion turned dark and she escaped. Two y...
One thousand paper cranes by 7_seven_77
One thousand paper cranesby Seven
// In exchange for a single wish // There are two constants I know. The universe is within me. And I will never let myself stop loving. "I folded a thousand paper c...
A Book Of Inspirational Words by mystrangedarkson
A Book Of Inspirational Wordsby mystrangedarkson
A book of inspiring things to help you through the hard times in life and to inspire you to be the best you can be. All credit to the people who made these. Suggestions...
Eight Flowers by Samantha_alpana
Eight Flowersby Alpana
Eight flowers is a story of college romance with their complicated love and their different ending. Apart from Rose, these eight flowers will give newer meaning to love...
The Promise Against the Fire | A Kenralie Fanfiction by lili_lamon
The Promise Against the Fire | A K...by Lili Lamon
What if Kenric survived the Everblaze? After Kenric burns away in the Everblaze, Oralie's life dissolves into sobs, sorrow, and despair. That is where Book Three of KOTL...
You Shine In the Moonlight by Sushiigang
You Shine In the Moonlightby moonmochi ☽
Gulf, a loner teenager who is being forced to visit his dying classmate Mew in the hospital. Since Mew is not allowed out of the hospital due to his mysterious ailment...
just a book of poems by jenna_chooses_love
just a book of poemsby jenna
It's literally just a collection of poems that I wrote. I don't know what else you were expecting. Note: This collection is currently in the writing process so the order...
Hope is found (Smile Again S1) by denisher07
Hope is found (Smile Again S1)by It's Denise.
She never love her life. She wishes to just disappear but she knows she can't just do it. How can she disappear if her little brother need her. She don't want to imagin...
Thoughts at Nightfall: A Collection of Poems by ConnorArbuckle
Thoughts at Nightfall: A Collectio...by ConnorArbuckle
A collection of poems about love, heartbreak, success, mental health and finding yourself.
Courage - 황현진 Hwang Hyunjin by 1210Panda
Courage - 황현진 Hwang Hyunjinby Panda
'Starting from today, you'll be an official staff member of JYP Entertainment,' The CEO's very words made my heart beat at an insurmountable pace. A mischievous misunde...
My Crush Stories by isis_Gardezi
My Crush Storiesby ididntknowucanread
this is all about the story of my crush or crushes. I hope you could relate to most of them. Enjoy ;)
Finding love in the silence by AustinFoster286
Finding love in the silenceby Austin Foster
Buck is trying to move on after been abandoned by his ex, Eddie is learning to deal with his disability, until a fire throws them both together and Bucks need to help pe...
Iduna: Icy Reunion? by Disney0002
Iduna: Icy Reunion?by Disney 0002
Disney Frozen-inspired story, following Iduna since the time of that voyage. Instead of just 2 weeks, Iduna has been away for 7 years since surviving the shipwreck. She...