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The Billionaire's Angel by dreamevolution
The Billionaire's Angelby Kay
Two people in love and six years apart. Has the love faded, or is it just in hibernation? Follow the story of Kaden and Brielle as they embark on a journey of finding th...
  • billionaire
  • theone
  • possessive
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Broken on two sides by 10000lightsabers
Broken on two sidesby Moon Truther
Maxon broke America, America came broken and left shattered. But who picked up the pieces? America finds her way to the northern rebels and finds herself in a necklace l...
  • maxerica
  • theonealternate
  • romance
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The Sex Selection Academy[maxerica] by kassmrose
The Sex Selection Academy[maxerica]by Kass Marielle Rose
[A Selection Fanfic Novel]: Mature Content; Read at Your own Demise;) • The SSA: The Sex Selection Academy- an Academy who's sole purpose is to train girls to seduce Max...
  • romance
  • maxon
  • royalty
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Would you be my forever 2 Generation Selection RP by PrinceMaxon101
Would you be my forever 2 😈Queen of Drama!!!😈
3 Selecting Royals. 20 Selected. A new Selection began. 20 years ago King Dakota and Queen Stella of Illea, and King Luis and Queen Emma Bernard met and fall in love thr...
  • maxon
  • theelite
  • selectionrp
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The Rebel (#Wattys2016) by cristaef99
The Rebel (#Wattys2016)by Crista
What would have happened if Maxon wasn't born? This is a story in which the castes are still real, and more pronounced than ever. Adeen is a Six. She's almost at t...
  • romance
  • theselection
  • fanfiction
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Is He The One -Ethan Dolan  by AlaynaDawnDean
Is He The One -Ethan Dolan by AlaynaDawnDean
There will be cursing 🤬 and more mature content. Have you ever thought you found the one but really their not the one for you, and during this time when you put your he...
  • ethandolan
  • theone
The One by mumblez_510
The Oneby mumblez_510
I was up too late and my mind started wandering to him...
  • lovehurts
  • mythoughts
  • heartbreak
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Playing the player by daisy_chainsxoxo
Playing the playerby daisy_chainsxoxo
Playing the player "I heard your a player" I taunted him "So let's play a game" I insisted, combing my hair with my fingers in the delicious process...
  • player
  • teen
  • lipgloss
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The Day I Met You by gemoneill
The Day I Met Youby Gemma O'Neill
This story is about a girl who has moved house and has also started a new school and has met the boy of her dreams but will he like her back or leave him with a broken h...
  • theone
  • cheerleadingbitch
  • romance
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Him by frootloops717
Himby frootloops717
*original story* The cover picture is of Chris Colfer cause why not? ...and maybe all the pictures are too... There's just something about HIM❤️
  • theone
  • romance
  • cute
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Him by SharifaAbdelMaksoud
Himby Sharifa AbdelMaksoud
Emma never believed there was "the one" until she met Justin.
  • life
  • love
  • theone
The one that got away by girl_with_emotions
The one that got awayby Juvia_lockser_15
It's about a girl who likes this guy. She loves him. But she knows that he'll never love her.
  • theone
  • hopeful
  • interesting
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Roses are Not Love by NicolasPeralta5
Roses are Not Loveby Nicolas Peralta
A Young Nicole falls in love with a handsome man. She has known him for very little time, and so she has yet to uncovered the dark secrets of his past and present, which...
  • dreams
  • romance
  • theone
The One by Night2088
The Oneby Night2088
Finding the right person to love can be hard, and knowing that.. can our hero of this book find peace? (If there is any grammar mistakes can you please point them out)
  • theone
Anamnesis.  by SrVasudevan
Anamnesis. by SrVasudevan
One of the many perspectives of love.
  • poetry
  • love
  • theone
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Monochrome by yagurlbooqueefious
Monochromeby Yagurlbooqueefious
As a child my favourite thing was colour, but no one knew my passion. Why? Because I wasn't like them. I had achieved something it is said very few do.
  • color
  • theone
  • teen
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A New Selection by blue_muffin14
A New Selectionby blue_muffin14
The story of the next generation
  • theheir
  • maxonschreave
  • theelite
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White Woods on HOLD by MockingjayLover4Life
White Woods on HOLDby MockingjayLover4Life
In this story, a fairytale character wanders into the white woods, their path undiscovered. Destiny is awaiting. Will the prince climb up Rapunzel's hair? Or will it not...
  • rapunzel
  • mysterious
  • snow
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