Needing You by Ivy-chagu
Needing Youby EvEliN ChAbRoL A.
What happens when your mate rejects you? Would you change yourself just because somebody didn't like or want you? I loved him; I wanted him; I needed him. But, most lik...
  • pastlove
  • mates
  • memories
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More Than Less  by Yarikbmte
More Than Less by Dazeovermatter
Being Lively isn't always easy. With the constant reminder of who she is, and what she lost, she loses a bit of herself more each day. Romance. drama. Betrayal.
  • hot
  • teenfiction
  • drugs
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Lucy Who? by ximenavega21
Lucy Who?by Ximena Vega
Lissana is back!! Everybody was so happy even Lucy but things started to change everybody started to be mean and hurt her. Family my ass. The only people being nice is W...
  • stinglu
  • newlove
  • fairytail
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The Boy I Have A Crush On by PreSilverton
The Boy I Have A Crush Onby Pre Silverton
"He had beautiful eyes The kind you could get lost in And I guess I did"
  • teen
  • besties
  • love
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Not So Lovely Love Story by ice_cream_cat_fakku
Not So Lovely Love Storyby Isabelle the Awkward Sock
**This is the rewritten version of 'The Transfer'. It has the same plot and characters just I'm rewriting it** Emily Hope is your normal 17-year-old senior. But, she's f...
  • exbf
  • death
  • newlove
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We Do by Debby0C
We Doby xX_feelings_Xx
When Hadley McBride was finally ready to walk down the aisle with the love of her life, fate had another plan for her. She almost lost it when she was abandoned at the v...
  • heartattack
  • churchbells
  • fate
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Not So Sure by TessaTimes
Not So Sureby TessaTimes
Playboy Brandon bites off more than he can chew when he insults Cailey. Little does he know that she holds the key to his future... but he is sure going to find out. 😉 ...
  • newlove
  • movingonfromthepast
  • change
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end of the end by EVERYDAYDIARIES
end of the endby EVERYDAYDIARIES
Je začiatok novým koncom? Oplatí sa to ešte? Mám vôbec za čo bojovať? Ak áno ten dôvod by mal prísť čím skôr.. Takto to ďalej nepôjde. Tieto myšlienky ma od jeho smrti...
  • newgirl
  • sadstory
  • newlife
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New Man / Ethan Dolan  by cherrygang45
New Man / Ethan Dolan by cherrygang45
This story is about this girl and she is dating Ivan Martinez but he is so lazy that she doesn't want to be with him anymore. When she leaves him, she finds someone else...
  • newjersey
  • love
  • newlove
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MOVE ON by ermayoni
MOVE ONby Debbie
We all need to move one step ahead. It's brighter there.
  • romance
  • love
  • moveon
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Living in space by Secretflower12
Living in spaceby Secret.flower123
It's about a girl named Kayla, she's 16 and she's starting on a new school in Mexico where she meets the hottest guy on the school but he thinks she's weird because of s...
  • newhome
  • newlove
  • player
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Something Beautiful by bajgoodson
Something Beautifulby Baj Goodson
Seventeen-year-old Kris Harmon thinks the worst that could happen to her would be A) scaring off her long-time crush Aaron Arsane, who is FINALLY interested in her after...
  • teenagers
  • highschool
  • meangirls
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My Bestfriends friend Ft. RoadTrip by QuincyBakker
My Bestfriends friend Ft. RoadTripby QNCY.X 🌵☀️
When the boyband of your best friend spend their holiday with you Some things can happen...
  • jackduff
  • england
  • roadtrip
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This summer  by DuhItsBellaRay
This summer by Bella.Ray
Not a beach story but a different...odd love?
  • brother
  • forbiddenlove
  • lovable
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Default Title - Write Your Own by Ayeka_Aika
Default Title - Write Your Ownby Ayeka_Aika
  • newlove
  • feelings
  • action
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The Road to You by mbucao2016
The Road to Youby Marisol(:
Tera longed for adventure, after taking care of her sick mother for years she finally decides to take that adventure. Leaving california in a van packed with all of her...
  • drama
  • newfoundlove
  • roadtrip
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Passion Recipe by Doolie8123
Passion Recipeby Doolie8123
#FreshLove #Passion #Poem #ShortStory #Wattpad #Reckless #Love #Admire #Infatuation #BrokenHeart #FixMe #Crush #RussianRoulette #Read #Thrill #Special #Intense #Intensit...
  • read
  • wattpad
  • relationship
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Foreign Love [BWWM] by quietbynature27
Foreign Love [BWWM]by Angie
Very few people know of Kendra's painful past, except for her tormentors and saviors. She works day to day around people who mean to chop her down, to minimize her exist...
  • racism
  • openwounds
  • battles
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As She Grew  by NavyEOD
As She Grew by BlueBerryS
A girl growing up in a small town has her whole life ahead of her, but as time goes on the light in front of her grows dimmer and dimmer. Can she make it?
  • newstory
  • sweet
  • lifeisbeautiful
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