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I Wish I May by AdelynAnn
I Wish I Mayby Adelyn Sterling
Fairy Godmother in training, Zelda Ravensdale is starting her fourth and final year at Madame LeBleu's school for godmothers. She hopes to earn the title of First Fairy...
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One Wish, Mr. Merman by Bethany_V
One Wish, Mr. Mermanby Bethany Vicario
Maybelle used to love mermaids growing up as a little girl. Every Halloween she would dress up as Ariel from the Little Mermaid and run around the streets getting candy...
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A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
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Forgetting About the Future (Tom Riddle love story) by nikkibrooks
Forgetting About the Future (Tom R...by Nicole
The wishing well is a very dark piece of magic that has been hidden for centuries. It has been rumored from those very few who found it that the gift it possesses is to...
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Wish (Archie Andrews) by mckin_marie
Wish (Archie Andrews)by mckin_marie
Archie Andrews has fallen for the new girl at school, but Sophie's brother warned her about Archie. Even though she knew about all the terrible things he's done, he coul...
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Losing His Trust by wisdomgirl_22
Losing His Trustby sarcastic princess
Sequel to the Past or the Present Francheska Troven never expected to be able to find her mate, much less the Beta of the Royals Pack. For a few months their relationshi...
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Wish Upon Shooting Star {HoshiXReader} by AlpacaPacaPaca
Wish Upon Shooting Star {HoshiXRea...by AlpacaPacaPaca
Y/N is a girl at a young age her parents passed away. Y/N was very cute but she got bullied. But when her parents passed away that cuteness stopped. She was very cold he...
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Hoping, Wishing, Lying, Cheating by sabs3334
Hoping, Wishing, Lying, Cheatingby Sab
Vanessa Hope is not your normal teenage girl shes swerving on the road a bit. And at points she crashes and at points she glides. This is her story not mine not yours n...
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On Tour With MattyBraps by AlyssaCotter
On Tour With MattyBrapsby Alyssa_Nichole
Y/N was best friends with MattyB! Yes the MattyB! Matt asks you to go on tour! You say yes I mean who would pass up an opportunity to go on tour? But Matt has a crush on...
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Wishing On A Shooting Star | Ten NCT U by _xItsSarahx_
Wishing On A Shooting Star | Ten N...by 𝔖𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘩 🌸
Bianca is an average girl with big wishes. One of her wishes is to be with Ten from NCT U. One night a shooting star comes, her wishes turn into reality.
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Loving My Marine (ON HOLD) by countrygirlG
Loving My Marine (ON HOLD)by countrygirlG
Three years ago, Madison Reynolds's truest and only love, Reece Stiles, left her to join the Marines. Proud but hopelessly lonely, Madison gets through life but no long...
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Letters to my future husband  by Demonkitty583
Letters to my future husband by Demonkitty583
A book written in the style of letters. Letters I'm writing to my future husband. Some letters and events may be real, based on the life of the author, while some are co...
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USED by sunnygurlxoxo
USEDby sunnygurlxoxo
At the whore house the girls all go through a different child hood to end up at the Whore house. Most are abused or raped at a young age and only think they are good fo...
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The Unlikely of Mates by Anixancy
The Unlikely of Matesby Nani C.
"Imagine though when you find your soul mate and the [this] happens." - Tumblr user: lost-moonlight 'No but imagine the school jock and the nerd he beats up e...
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Wishing under stars ✨ (Kaira)  by kairafanshivin
Wishing under stars ✨ (Kaira) by 🌹✨💕
Wishing under stars ✨ Love ❤️ Broken promises 💔 Blooming love 🌹🌸 Trust, loving each other unconditionally but most importantly wishing ✨🌹
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the dream guy next door by lady_jay_123
the dream guy next doorby Jaliyah Webb
I can't be in love with him that's my friends brother damn it hopefully he feels the same??
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Crush Oneshots! by SpiritSoulJoy
Crush Oneshots!by 🔥ʟᴏsᴛ ɪɴ ʜᴇʟʟ🔥
For all the lovely girls out there! Hope you all enjoy my stories about love and having a crush!! Alright this is random and I have no idea what I shall be doing. It's...
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Us in the Dark by eccedente
Us in the Darkby Sev
Wishing is for those with fortune. Or maybe it's for those who long for a taste of it. The night connects all who stumble through and it is there we find each other. Tog...
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The Spellbreaker by WhitneySlade
The Spellbreakerby Whitney Slade
Aza is cursed with a long name (try saying Scheherazade even ONE time fast...) and a penchant for telling stories. When her little sister is taken in the middle of the...
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The Wishing Well by mariellahunt
The Wishing Wellby Mariella Cecilia Hunt
Careful what you wish for... Wishes can come true. They always do at this wishing well. But in what form are they granted? And can you afford to make the wrong wish? The...
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