Let me love you (E.W) by magdaaguileraa
Let me love you (E.W)by Magda💗
Megan is a 14 years old girl, she acts for big movies, one day she have a call from disney and she decides that she is gonna act in there, but on name, Ethan Wacker... ...
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  • romance
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Clack by Nin_Nin_Tragical
Clackby Nin_Nin
The monsters that lurk in the shadows of the night aren't as wicked as they may seem. Do not fear the shadows, for only they can conceal what you fear most.
  • youngboy
  • clack
  • conflict
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UpSiDeDoWn by AsleepPenguin
UpSiDeDoWnby AsleepPenguin
Audrey Miller is one wacky girl. She goes to a wacky school, with wacky people. Despite these standards, the most popular person is a straight faced, totally serious boy...
  • school
  • newschool
  • humor
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The book of wAcKy things in my life by Sam_Is_a_M00se
The book of wAcKy things in my lifeby *angry moose noises*
This is a book to describe the weird and wAcKy things that I have seen in my life Holy christ
  • weird
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Short Story - Or Bits by suvachana
Short Story - Or Bitsby suvachana
Love-shorts written in minimal space, characters on a planetary trip. Enjoy the ride!
  • neptune
  • stories
  • pluto
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A mermaid in the bath by MiltonMarmalade
A mermaid in the bathby Milton Marmalade
A mermaid, the transformation of a boring accountant, an atomic submarine and a lot of jokes. Now available as a paperback, with mermaid illustrations. See the last sec...
  • romance
  • squid
  • fairytale
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Random Things Cause i'm Nuts by AgateTheSandwing
Random Things Cause i'm Nutsby Agate
I'm waaack so have some random funny things I find every now and then or somethin'.
  • wacky
  • loopy
  • idontknowwhatimdoing
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Transfer Student by KpopLover101208
Transfer Studentby KpopLover 101
You are a 15 year old girl in the start of 10th grade and you become friends with a new korean transfer student named Jeongin but he cant speak english and you just happ...
  • fanfiction
  • laugh
  • crazy
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Weird Things To Do If You Met Jeff The Killer   •completed• by Milika4lee
Weird Things To Do If You Met Jeff...by Trista Jane ⚽️ #15
These are weird XD
  • weird
  • creepypasta
  • odd
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The Pessimist Improvement Program by NadjaTaylor
The Pessimist Improvement Programby BlueSoul
Book1 in the #JustSmile Series Copyright 2018© Cassian Lively is a perpetual pessimist and even that is putting it kindly. He's the worst of them all. A master of sarcas...
  • lgbt
  • comedy
  • annoying
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My fail at art! {art book 2} by pepplestone
My fail at art! {art book 2}by shipping queen
Ok so! I wanted to make a new art book! Since my last one had pretty crap drawings but now I've gotten pretty good! So I hope you enjoy my weirdness of art XD I draw wei...
  • drawingbook
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All or Nothing by AishaLaam
All or Nothingby Aisha
~~~ An asexual, a pansexual, and a bisexual walk into a bar...they finish the hilarious joke, but everyone ignores them. Or degrades them. Or punches them. Or claims the...
  • college
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My Bio by romanceaddict004
My Bioby Isabella Martins
It's about a passionate girl, who loves to get to know others and be herself. 😂😂JK it's about me, myself and I, you guys will get to know moi and some areas of my life...
  • wacky
  • school
  • tears
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Wacky's Backstory (REVAMPED) by wackycats1012005
Wacky's Backstory (REVAMPED)by Phayia Leurca
So... a revamped version of Wacky's Backstory, with a new timeline and doesn't have undertale? FINE BY ME!
  • wackysbackstory
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