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Let me love you (E.W) by magdaaguileraa
Let me love you (E.W)by Magda💗
Megan is a 14 years old girl, she acts for big movies, one day she have a call from disney and she decides that she is gonna act in there, but on name, Ethan Wacker... ...
  • disney
  • fanfic
  • comedy
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Every dragon for themselves. (Book two of 'The cursed Skywing.) by Warrior_cat_1
Every dragon for themselves. (Book...by Firestar
I'm to lazy to write a description
  • ur
  • cool
  • weird
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Wron's Epic Blog 2019 by Mawawi63
Wron's Epic Blog 2019by Mawawi63
Welcome, to the world of wackiness that I like to call 'absolute sh*t'. Disclaimer - I swear, I'm highly opinionated, and I don't use grammarly. I like leaving room for...
  • anti-grammarly
  • wron
  • onlygoodmusicallowed
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Unexpectedly Un-ordinary by ColdHeartedCadet
Unexpectedly Un-ordinaryby Your Lover & Hater
These are things about me being something that others are not usually used to knowing. Hope that you're ready to find out how weird I am! P.S. This book is wholly about...
  • mẹ
  • unusual
  • wacky
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Zits'n'Bits by ShaunAllan
Zits'n'Bitsby Shaun Allan
An offbeat collection of poetry for children of all ages! Meet Mojo Jojo, Arnold Rimble and the spider on your ceiling! And watch out for the zits and farts along the w...
  • cat
  • funny
  • vampire
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The Life Of A Killer Whale by ClaireTCKW
The Life Of A Killer Whaleby Thy Jester Klara
Welcome, one and all, to the story of Claire's life! (It's more of a journal, really.) In this retarded diary you will find a collection of dumb facts, events in Claire...
  • diary
  • answers
  • random
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A mermaid in the bath by MiltonMarmalade
A mermaid in the bathby Milton Marmalade
A mermaid, the transformation of a boring accountant, an atomic submarine and a lot of jokes. Now available as a paperback, with mermaid illustrations. See the last sec...
  • wacky
  • nothing
  • humour
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Intweener Shorts by Intweener
Intweener Shortsby Intweener
These short studies were a practice for my spontaneous and creative writing. The shorts have been moved because of my front page becoming too crowded with too many shor...
  • smackown
  • adams
  • request
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UpSiDeDoWn by AsleepPenguin
UpSiDeDoWnby AsleepPenguin
Audrey Miller has one wacky life. It was turned upsidedown, shaken, twisted. Her paths are loopy, messy, scattered. Trying to leave this life lead to an even messier lif...
  • fiction
  • newschool
  • noluck
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random shit by some wack bitch by Jahs_Makeouthill
random shit by some wack bitchby خدر
Hunty... Are you slow..?? Read the title again....
  • randomthoughts
  • shittywriting
  • bored
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A book about me!
  • cupcake
  • wacky
  • bird
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Lol memes by far-from-earth-x
Lol memesby ✨
Just a book full of dank and self deprecating memes
  • wacky
  • memes
  • alwayssad
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A Book Of Hilarious Stories by Imagine-man
A Book Of Hilarious Storiesby We are the imagination makers...
Mwahahahahaha! Welcome to the funniest story book you'll probably ever find! Full of slapstick humor and ridiculous and insane stories that will make you fall out of you...
  • cute
  • wacky
  • joke
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Ami's Official Art Haven by AmiArts
Ami's Official Art Havenby ~Ami~
my official art book is finally being published at wattpad! I mostly post my stuff on my art account at instagram so if you want to see my art more often come stop by at...
  • art
  • fun
  • dailylife
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The Right One  by ShinyUmbreonUX
The Right One by ShinyUmbreonUX
The right one! Your soulmate. After moving on, you find someone out there who actually appreciates you, comforts you, loves you for who you are, be there for you wheneve...
  • udon
  • random
  • romance
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Random Things Cause i'm Nuts by AgateTheSandwing
Random Things Cause i'm Nutsby Agate
I'm waaack so have some random funny things I find every now and then or somethin'.
  • idontknowwhatimdoing
  • wacky
  • whydididothis
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King of Creeps by breathlessly_waiting
King of Creepsby Jordan V.
The adventures of a 19 year old half vampire and his best friend.
  • humor
  • vampire
  • weird
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MATH 1134 by isabelletypes
MATH 1134by •Not Me•
Follow the adventures of Moira Rose and her crazy class mates as they go through the Insane, weird and wacky adventures set in Mr. Lin's Math class at Keiko High School
  • wild
  • science
  • teacher
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Stuff and Thangs: A Book of Random by ImagineDragonflies16
Stuff and Thangs: A Book of Randomby Citizen of Midgard
The title is pretty self-explanatory. One-shots, short stories, poems, contest entries - basically anything! Welcome to my brain. Sort of. Also the home of the ridic...
  • dogs
  • poems
  • short
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Klaine One Shot by micahinouye
Klaine One Shotby Micah Inouye
This is a Klaine (Kurt and Blaine - Glee) one shot inspired by the wacky, basically impossible events from a real life dream I had one night. All Copyrights for charact...
  • oneshot
  • impossible
  • accident
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