The Officer Across The Hall by Jadapayne123
The Officer Across The Hallby Hippe soul
Parsley is a the mother of a four year old girl named Scout, only having her at seventeen and having to leave her crazy family. Parsley finds a job and moves to the lowe...
  • kids
  • love
  • acrossthehall
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Julianne's Step-Father by Khadijah_Stevens
Julianne's Step-Fatherby Khadijah Stevens
The most messed up thing about infatuation, lust, and love is you're unable to spot the difference until you're sitting alone to think about it. And to sit alone and t...
  • ashleybenson
  • fashionstudent
  • shaymitchell
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Energy (Detective HS) by zeffervescent
Energy (Detective HS)by LIZ
"You're the last person I should be sleeping with." In which Kiani Lopez and Detective Styles find their common enemies: corruption, crime, deceit, and sex. ...
  • harrystyles
  • detective
  • policeofficer
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Hearts On Ice by ChristyMcKellen
Hearts On Iceby Christy McKellen
When an off-duty police officer paraglides into her remote English home the day before New Year's Eve, wrecking part of her property and endangering her livelihood, Hett...
  • completed
  • flirt
  • relationships
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The Police Chief and I [Complete] by SylvaDee
The Police Chief and I [Complete]by SylvaDee
Johanna froze when she saw who was lying next to her. The police chief. The memories from the night before started to come back. What had she done? He was married. And h...
  • chicklit
  • featured
  • lovetriangle
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Officer. Park [✔] (Jimin X Reader) by Kook_Is_Bae
Officer. Park [✔] (Jimin X Reader)by Ashley Gillani
{COMPLETED} Min Y/n, sister of Min Yoongi. Yoongi is a police officer and Y/n has to deal with her brother's best friends who are also cops like him. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡...
  • jeonjungkook
  • parkjimin
  • kimseokjin
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How to Save a Hero [ManxMan] by EnticingElite
How to Save a Hero [ManxMan]by Elite of Weird
- "He's gotta be strong." - With the prisons gone, the Fae's support goes with them. However, even though the Fae have returned to Faerie, the demons are winni...
  • war
  • demons
  • werecat
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Hart of the Problem [Sam Uley] by Secret-writer91
Hart of the Problem [Sam Uley]by Secret-Writer91
Moving to Forks, Washington to take up the vacant Lieutenant placement was a dream come true for Leola Hart even if her mother disagreed. Sam/OC. Twilight Saga.
  • twilightsaga
  • newmoon
  • breakingdawn
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Babysitting The Policeman by _Miss_B_
Babysitting The Policemanby Miss B
Mahirap mag alaga ng malaki na hindi ba? pero sa hindi inaakala ni Evangeline Marasigan na makakatagpo siya ng isang lalaking gwapo at medyo singkit ang mata nito at nap...
  • comedy
  • paul
  • tagalog
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Undercover Love Affair // l.s by aussie_direction
Undercover Love Affair // l.sby larry ♡
❝You know this is forbidden, right? Probably even illegal.❞ ❝I know, but isn't that half the fun of it? ❞
  • larrystylinson
  • larry
  • highschool
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Pelli Pusthakam by sattvika98
Pelli Pusthakamby varsha
arranged Marriage is a magical bond where 2 unknown people are tied in a knot.Pelli pusthakam is a story about 2 people who are tied in a knot by their families.Both are...
  • wattpadindia
  • love
  • college
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Force (Aphmau Fanfiction) by Mel_Rouge_Stories
Force (Aphmau Fanfiction)by Panda_Mel_Writes
It's hard being a police officer, and it's even harder being a police officer when you're being put in certain situations. That's how (Y/n) feels, but when she applied...
  • aarmau
  • aphmau
  • mystreets6
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In the Arms of Justice by avengerofyourheart
In the Arms of Justiceby avengerofyourheart
[Officer Bucky x reader AU] Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one ni...
  • marvelreaderinsert
  • detectivejamesbarnes
  • wattys2017
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6 Inch by minajuhana
6 Inchby minaj's lover
New York. Midnight. Two different worlds collide as a waitress pushes herself into the life of a drug dealer. Will the pair of two completely different souls find their...
  • chrisbrown
  • money
  • jayz
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Church{E.D.} by grantedhoney
Church{E.D.}by K A I♡
Inspired by Chase Atlantic's song: Church and my sudden infatuation with the idea of incubus
  • graysondolan
  • ethandolan
  • romance
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Destined by iam_diya
Destinedby Diya
Destined💞 The story unfolds around two beautiful souls. Rest is a secret❤️
  • avneil
  • death
  • naamkarann
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Unfair Games | d.ks by dyonly
Unfair Games | d.ksby -ˏˋ уυиє ˊˎ-
❝You complete me❞ in which a police detective is trying to prove kyungsoo's innocence. ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ + do kyungsoo fanfic  dyonly
  • exofanfic
  • romance
  • chanyeol
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Love Me Bitterly Loath Me Sweetly  by bloomXboom
Love Me Bitterly Loath Me Sweetly by bloomXboom
Loving someone who doesn't love you back is hard but for orihime Kurosaki is not hard enough because she gets to see the person she Ioves everyday. Unrequited love.? W...
  • hurt
  • grimmjowxnel
  • action
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His Abused Love  by hinashiekhfff
His Abused Love by hinashiekhfff
DSP ZARGHAM SHAH (age 28) a well known name in police department .he is known for his success in cases with zero failure . he is an angry young man with no patience .wha...
  • policeofficer
  • intimidating
  • policeromance
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