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Short Story Collection by awxyx_
Short Story Collectionby queenzy
No caption needed.
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The Player Game by SnowyRoses
The Player Gameby Katie
'Whoever falls in love first loses.' When daring Emily Rosser meets the arrogant player, Aaron Nichols, the two of them clash immediately. However, upon coming across a...
  • fiction
  • funny
  • fall-in-love
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It's not a Fan to artist relationship (completed) by shuwnmendes
It's not a Fan to artist relations...by shuwnmendes
A girl named Amanda is getting ready for a Shawn Mendes concert. She enters the building and watches how Shawn Mendes preforms. Shawn looks into her eyes while singing...
  • toronto
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  • inlove
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The Rich Disguise(bestfriend's series #1)(#YFBookawards2018) by BluE_Ly_cAt_LaDy_028
The Rich Disguise(bestfriend's ser...by gerlyn felices
iTo ang kwento ni briana isang mayaman na kaya nyang makuha ang lahat ....Pero sa isang iglap ay mawawala Magigi syang katulong sa isang napaka yamang tao...Sila mr.Sung...
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Playing with Fire by Maryjoee
Playing with Fireby Maryjoee
A challenge A bet 31 days And a bit of love hate Sebastian Reynolds and Savannah Valentine hate each other. But they also lust for the other one. So, Sebastian makes a...
  • highschool
  • game
  • fallinlove
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Wattpad Mafia Romance Books by gizelle22
Wattpad Mafia Romance Booksby Gizelle
Mafia Romance Books A list of mafia romance books I've read and loved! All of the stories in here i get from authors consent. So sometimes it may take a while too update...
  • arrogant
  • boyxgirl
  • sassy
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Big Girl Love by brokendepression
Big Girl Loveby accidentpron
Big Girl Kim Davison Beautiful Woman Mr.Money James Andrews Handsom Man All He Needs Is Some Of That Big Girl Love
  • bwwm
  • fallinlove
  • blackgirl
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Meteor Garden // Huaze Lei by DreamPerson04
Meteor Garden // Huaze Leiby DreamyVanessa
王美星 (Wang Mei Xin) or known as 美星 (Mei Xin) in English it's called (Beautiful Star). Major in Music, Dancing, Singer and a Business administration. She is very skilled a...
  • meteor
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  • guanhong
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Surrogate | A.M. | by Bad_Boy_Hemmo
Surrogate | A.M. |by happy bb
A story in which a man, falls for his surrogate mother, whom is carrying a child for him and his gay lover. DISCLAIMER: This story is very old and needs hella editing. i...
  • girlxboy
  • boyxboy
  • austinmahone
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We met at Summer Camp{Hiccstrid Fanfiction}[COMPLETED](Being Edited) by tRoLlS_eXiSt
We met at Summer Camp{Hiccstrid Fa...by Savvinaxx
Who said Spring is the season of love?When Summer hits the small town of Berk the Cupid will rise and in this case.........At Summer Camp -Meet Astrid Hofferson.The sev...
  • summer
  • hiccstrid
  • fallinlove
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Five month to fall in love with you  by AnastasiaShilakadze
Five month to fall in love with yo...by Anastasia💫🖤
ეს ისტორია არის ორ მოურჯულებელ გათამამებული ადამიანზე პაკ ემასა და კიმ თეჰიონზე . ემა მდიდარი ოჯახის შვილია ამიტომ ის გათამამებული გოგონაა მას არადარდებს კომპანია ამიტ...
  • შუგა
  • lovestory
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Resisting the Bad Boy  by JasmineCroft_
Resisting the Bad Boy by Jasmine Croft
He shifts forward slightly, our lips lightly brushing. My eyes flutter shut. A part of me thinks I should be resisting, rejecting this, but I can't fight it. Archer's ha...
  • archer
  • raven
  • heart
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The nerd and the bully by 1428gabriela
The nerd and the bullyby 1428gabriela
What happen when no one cares about you? What happen if you are tired of hearing people calling you names? What happen when he bully you everyday What happen if you fal...
  • bully
  • boy
  • girl
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PLAYBOY MEETS A NERDY GIRL X READER《{On Going}》 by Chimonnie_seokjin
A tagalog fan fiction Kahit na palagi ko syang binubully Mahal ko parin sya. Continue reading guys Thank you?? #Armys
  • btsfanfic
  • jungkook
  • fallinlove
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KPOP Imagines! (COMPLETED) by jeonjungkookismybaby
KPOP Imagines! (COMPLETED)by 🌸🌸
Hi! So this is my first book I made. So I might not be that good. But I do take requests. Oh and please don't comment mean or bad things! PLEASE! I HOPE YOU IN JOY!!! ❤...
  • kpop
  • romance
  • fallinlove
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Please Remember Me (COMPLETED) by PicaaXa
Please Remember Me (COMPLETED)by PicaaXa
dementia noun de•men·tia\di-ˈmen(t)-shə\ A usually progressive condition (such as Alzheimer's disease) marked by the development of multiple cognitive deficits. Cover by...
  • brokenpromises
  • fallinlove
  • forgotten
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Falling in Love with My BodyGuard || MinSung by LoveMusicWings
Falling in Love with My BodyGuard...by N.M._.2189
MinSung: Han Jisung, the manager of the financial division under the control of Bang Chan, his neighborhood becoming dangerous due to people being often kidnapped. Lee M...
  • sungmin
  • minho
  • boyxboy
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Buzdan Hayaller [Norman&Emma] by mortalwine
Buzdan Hayaller [Norman&Emma]by Emma'nın Burnu
Emma'nın küçüklüğünden beri hayali buz patencisi olmaktır. Televizyonda izlediği buz pateni yarışmalarındaki kadınlar kadar zarif olma hayalleri peşinde koşarken 16 yaşı...
  • dream
  • fallinlove
  • thepromisedneverland
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The Riches// Shawn Mendes by shuwnmendes
The Riches// Shawn Mendesby shuwnmendes
Bennett and Shawn
  • sm3
  • fangirl
  • dating
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Falling In Love? by JMWWE4Life
Falling In Love?by J.M
Bella is a young women trying to follow her dream. She's always been independent, she has a happy family but she was never the type to share secrets or be close, doesn't...
  • carmella
  • fallinlove
  • jonmoxley
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