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Chaos Colliding  by 3000_Forever
Chaos Colliding by 3000_Forever
Janelle Jones otherwise known as Eight Ball fresh out of rehab and heading to college with no intentions of staying clean. Having to navigate her life and new obstacles...
  • brown
  • clean
  • freedom
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Truth or Dare Remastered by YUMMYFOOD111
Truth or Dare Remasteredby JosiahTheHamburger
sorry, when I first created truth or Dare It wasn't working, but know the Charcters can be my followers so let's get started
  • followerspecial
  • dare
  • truth
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Under Hamoud's Protection by PopcornSweetcorn
Under Hamoud's Protectionby Safiah Shykh
"Let me take that for you." Aliyah heard someone's voice, but she was too upset to contemplate what was going on around her. She handed her suitcase over to hi...
  • past
  • allah
  • islam
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Lost by RandomGirl062000
Lostby RandomGirl062000
Just started writing!! Sorry for typos! Story about Sam Marcson on his way to find the truth that would change everything. The life of Sam Marcson miserable and he's ver...
  • scared
  • explanation
  • lost
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101 reasons to hate my life by Stichlez
101 reasons to hate my lifeby Someone
101 reasons to hate my life
  • days
  • help
  • unlimited
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Freshman Year by CandyIsMine123
Freshman Yearby Rebecca Danielle Pearson
So, since I have written about my middle school years of seventh and eighth grade, I have decided to write about my high school years. I am starting a few days before sc...
  • nomoremiddleschoolhashtag
  • love
  • iloveyou
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Pose For Me - by SakuraFlowah
Pose For Me - 静
In which Jungkook is a model for a pretty famous company, but what happens behind closed doors? Is life as a model really as happy and easy as some may think? To be con...
  • bts
  • camera
  • toptae
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The Last Moments  by Weirdlyinsanebutnot1
The Last Moments by I’MnotWEIRDLYINSANE
Vivian Loris is born, unknowingly, with powers that put human lives in massive danger and makes the monsters wish they had before risen from hell. She's no god but her m...
  • sarcasm
  • return
  • memories
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Nervous// Zach Herron by breannashirley2004
Nervous// Zach Herronby I’m bitter
Zach goes back to Texas after getting scared of some thing s in the band. He becomes friends with the schools bad girl and finds out the truth about her.
  • nervous
  • happy
  • mystery
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Fnaf truth or dare by Godzillacreeper
Fnaf truth or dareby Godzillacreeper
Another story, another day.Another way to waste away!
  • truth
  • dare
  • funny
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Loving Again  by JoshayaForeverFanfic
Loving Again by Estelle Du Plessis
Maya never knew she could love somebody. But how does she feel now?
  • ava
  • rucas
  • joshmatthews
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i.n.k  (2019 Watty Awards) by IdkWaffles
i.n.k (2019 Watty Awards)by IdkWaffles
let the pages bleed.
  • quotes
  • power
  • wattys2019
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Within the Walls by NightmareHalo
Within the Wallsby RedKnight
Life is short. Cherish what you have and don't take anything for granted. ATTENTION: DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO SUICIDE, DEATH, MURDER, OR ANYTHING RE...
  • death
  • grief
  • house
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THE TANGLED ELEMENTS by looks_and_books
"I don't want to be her destruction, I want to be her life." Even I want to be his life, his everything but I just can't. This will never be possible and we bo...
  • trust
  • heartbreaks
  • betrayal
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My Identity by BrokenAruvi
My Identityby Aruvi Reddy
.I adjusted myself properly asking the devilishly charming man in front of me ''where am I?'' ''In the hospital'' was his instant reply along with a question ''How are y...
  • falseidentity
  • identity
  • lifechanging
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Artietra Lanouis by Chocochibi
Artietra Lanouisby choco_late~
" I will not be denied the truth " Nott much ideas for now. but it's mostly about her finding out the truth of her family's death. plus a little magic and tech...
  • artietra
  • anime
  • animeworld
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Anesthetic ✔ by Choco_Chip_Kookies
Anesthetic ✔by Choco_Chip_Kookies
Dagenhart family has kept a hidden secret from everyone which they intend on never revealing. An incident, a dark history which could not be told to anyone. Never. But w...
  • lies
  • secrets
  • betrayal
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Caught in Between by SweetLalaa
Caught in Betweenby exotic princess
Jaiden Drews is a 17 year old teen with a smart mouth and aggravating attitude who sure knows how to fire people up. One fatal accident that causes her father's death ch...
  • trust
  • loyalty
  • honesty
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Night of the damned by CharlieGlambert
Night of the damnedby Charlie
"You're risking your life by protecting me!" said Javi. "I'm willing to take that risk!" I replied. *** Adam lives in London in the late 1800s with...
  • serialkiller
  • 1800s
  • javi
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