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Someone That Understands~ A Reyna and Apollo Story by Liv_Saber
Someone That Understands~ A ~Liv~
A Cute Idea about Reyna + Apollo. Aphrodite said that Reyna was never going to capture the heart of a demigod, so why not a God himself?
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Solangelo One Shots by write-your-life-away
Solangelo One Shotsby nina!
literally just solangelo one shots (cover by @grasstains)
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Blue (Jercy) by starryid
Blue (Jercy)by starry eyed
(High school AU) Percy: The boy you see in class with messy hair and torn jeans. The "bad boy" who constantly gets detention from Mr.D. Some say he's troubled...
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Solangelo Stories by Purple_Ghost_1782
Solangelo Storiesby Sister Sh00k
Just a bunch of Solangelo One-Shots, just because.
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Solangelo by Lily304304
Solangeloby Lily304304
Set in the early stages of Will and Nico's relationship - after the war and before they became a thing. Artwork found on google image, if anyone knows artist dm to give...
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Nico meets the flash  by MultiFandom_Trash23
Nico meets the flash by Katie Priddy
I will be making Barry 14 in this and that's about all you need to know.
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Percy Jackson tumblr post (Magnus chase, and Others) by Thelonelyweirdgirl
Percy Jackson tumblr post ( Thelonelyweirdgirl
What the title says** I Do not own any of Tumblr Post, Fanart, or anything else. Cover art is by: Nowherelittlegirl.
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Percy Jackson Imagines  by Skipper_019
Percy Jackson Imagines by Skipper 🌻
Highest Ranking: #575 in Random & #6 in #trialsofapollo A book of clean Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus and Trials of Apollo Imagines. Taking reques...
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PJO memes by BrooklynsSavage
PJO memesby CupidSavage
Basically PJO HOO and TOA memes
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The One you Save by AAThanatos
The One you Saveby AAThanatos
So this is a re-upload of an old book compendium called "finding my niche" apparently a glitch deleted it. This is a large book of one shot smut tales of Solan...
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Percy Jackson Tumblr Post and Others - Book 2 by Thelonelyweirdgirl
Percy Jackson Tumblr Post and Thelonelyweirdgirl
This is the second book. Read book 1 first. Literally what the title says.
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Hecate's Realm by tadcooperthedragon
Hecate's Realmby tadcooperthedragon
Frank and Hazel are sent to Hogwarts on a quest from Hecate to protect Harry from Sirius Black during his third year. Post BOO, pre TOA. Part 2 of The Gods' Playground S...
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Percy Jackson Oneshots [REQUESTS OPEN] by CrookedAnchors
Percy Jackson Oneshots [REQUESTS Craig
*REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN!* *WARNING: REQUESTS WILL TAKE TIME TO COMPLETE. HAVE PATIENCE* I'm open for requests so go ahead and comment them! I have the right to decl...
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The Not-So-Sunny Sun God [An Artemis And Apollo Story] by Garecc
The Not-So-Sunny Sun God [An Garecc
It takes six months to lose your immortality. Six grueling months of pain and fear. Follow my take on what may have happened during the six months Apollo went silent...
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In Time {Solangelo} by aactual_trash
In Time {Solangelo}by • a bean •
Nico di Angelo a half-blood son of Hades, was born in the past. Time was something he hated, he was impatient. When he was very little his mother had told him, "In...
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isosceles by cabinseventy
isoscelesby caitlyn 😅
It kind of just hits him how unfair everything is in the middle of a sleepover, right in between Piper's sleep talk and Jason's snores. (originally posted on ao3)
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Heroes of Olympus X Reader by --rynn
Heroes of Olympus X Readerby rynn
Your favorite demigods x reader Started July 11th, 2014 -HeythereDelilah56 xxCamsaurus camtherat
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Incubus by AAThanatos
Incubusby AAThanatos
Nico is attacked on a quest by a group of sucubai and incubai. After the quest things start to change in him and strangely does the better. Smut, boyxboy, Explicit 18+ r...
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Jason Grace: After the Burning Maze by scarlettjames23
Jason Grace: After the Burning Mazeby savie ❤︎
After Jason Grace dies, his spirit enters into the underworld. For the Hero of Olympus and slayer of Krois, Elysium should be the obvious destination. But will his heroi...
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Solangelo One-Shots by shadyalpha
Solangelo One-Shotsby Poppy 💋
Solangelo One-Shots! 🥰 • Fluffy cute things that come to my mind when I'm bored. There will be smut ahead, so you've been warned. top!will bottom¡nico. • Currently taki...
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