Tratie by thaliagrace459
Tratieby thaliagrace459
Another tratie story... [COMPLETED]
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Soulmates (PJO//HOO) by -whale-
Soulmates (PJO//HOO)by maddie:)
When you turn 16, a tattoo will appear on you forearm. This image is your soulmates prized possession, favorite food, animal, or anything that describes the person. As y...
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mortals meet percabeth by Booknerd0417
mortals meet percabethby Booknerd0417
see and find out how mortals meet percabeth or you know demigods can meet them too. I DO NOT OWN ANY PJO/HOO CHARACTER, THEY BELONG TO RICK
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Soulmates (AU Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson) by d_jf05
Soulmates (AU Heroes of Olympus Callie Jones
When you turn 15 you get a tattoo that represents your soulmate. When you kiss your soulmate for the first time, your tattoo will disappear and their initials will appea...
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Faking It by -jaza-
Faking Itby jaza 💜
Travis and Katie are...not the best of friends at Camp Half, at all. But when Travis needs a favor he turns to Katie for help. Little does she know that it'...
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Soul Mates AU (Heroes of Olympus) by ThePearlOfTheSea
Soul Mates AU (Heroes of Olympus)by ThePearlOfTheSea
Everyone gets a tattoo on their upper arm, right below their shoulder. It just appears there one day, and doesn't go away. Each person's tattoo has symbols that represen...
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Percy Jackson The New God (Old Version,) by KatieMossman
Percy Jackson The New God (Old Katie Mossman
Annabeth leaves Percy for another guy. When the gods once again offer him immortality, Percy Accepts. what will happen? Read to find out. Obviously I'm not Rick Riorda...
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Percy Jackson Instagram by Janthony-Trash
Percy Jackson Instagramby It Me
There isn't enough of these, and I love them so much. All photos are from We Heart It
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UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie]  by neonblacck
UNLIKELY LOVE [tratie] by f ™
This is the story of Katie Gardner daughter of Demeter and Travis Stoll son of Hermes. How their love grew and how they started out as enemies but ended up falling for e...
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Soulmates [Pjo and HoO AU by HxppyFlxwer
Soulmates [Pjo and HoO AUby Hxppy
Everyone has a soulmate. When you're born You get a tattoo that symbolizes your soulmate. You get more and more as you grow. And when you have your first kiss. They al...
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Half human by TheOriginalStarGazer
Half humanby TheOriginalStarGazer
Stiles stilinski is known as the human of the pack. after the incident with him being possessed. The pack thinks he won't be able to handle the supernatural. So they kic...
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Love Hurts (Percy Jackson AU) by thedeathlydemigods
Love Hurts (Percy Jackson AU)by kara danvers.
Everyone has a soulmate. And until you fall in love with them, all of their scars and bruises appear on your body. If they're in pain you'll know it. Will the stress of...
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Tratie One-Shots ♡ by shelby81303
Tratie One-Shots ♡by Shelby Robertson
The title says it all. From the day they met to the day they started dating, this story is a bunch of excerpts from the lives of Katie Gardner and Travis Stoll. Enjoy! *...
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Tratieby Savage_Wabbit
Just a normal day at camp Half-blood turned into an unusual day as a girl named Katie Gardner shows up and changes the Stoll's lives forever. 5 years later is where this...
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Percy Jackson: Travelling through time by weeTxox
Percy Jackson: Travelling weeTxox
This story takes place during the Giants war in the future. It is about the gang travelling back in time to give their past selves advice on their adventures in the fut...
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Percy Jackson Oneshots by SolangeloAndJarlos
Percy Jackson Oneshotsby Klanceandthebois
Solangelo, Percabeth, Frazel, Jasper/Jiper, Caleo, Tratie, Theyna, and more. I'm sorry if I don't do a ship you like because there are some ships I don't like or just st...
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Mortals meet demigods ( No Mist) by llsarahthewriterll
Mortals meet demigods ( No Mist)by sarahthewriter
~oneshots and such~ maybe poems #StrongerTogether
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The Son of Time by KatieMossman
The Son of Timeby Katie Mossman
This is the sequel to my other story Percy Jackson the new god, I suggest you read that first so this will make more sense. Twelve years have passed since Annabeth left...
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Troubled | Tratie Fanfiction by offbeatwriter
Troubled | Tratie Fanfictionby bella
[#48 in tratie] Katie Gardner and Travis Stoll. The most unlikely couple to get together in the entire Camp Half-Blood, yet, somehow it works. But as drama and approachi...
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Mission Tratie {Clean} by _HoldOnToTheMemories
Mission Tratie {Clean}by rep
"STOLLS!!!" What every camper at Camp Half-Blood wakes up to every day. Yet again, Travis and Connor Stoll have pranked the Demeter cabin. Well, more directly...
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