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Dancing With The Stars *Narry AU FanFic *Transgender!Niall by potatomustaches
Dancing With The Stars *Narry AU Narry My SepticEye
"What's your name?" "Nicolette." "No, your real name." "That is my real name," (Or the one where Harry is a solo artist just comi...
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1331: Leet Speak: Ripley by lupinchu
1331: Leet Speak: Ripleyby LupinCross
He never thought anything outside of video games. It was his solace. It was his life. In the gaming world, he was the coolest. In the real world, he was just an NPC. So...
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Do You Believe In Fairy Tales? by EbonyObsessions
Do You Believe In Fairy Tales?by Kaiya
Jayden had waited forever to change schools. He had begged and begged for the family to move, and finally he got his wish. This was his chance to start over. This was hi...
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Ash by asherisawful
Ashby Mr.Brightside
A transgender teenager named Ash, moves to a new school. Battling with many mental illnesses, he finds it quite difficult to adjust to it. He meets a boy, a friend. Some...
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Agender Love by medinacara1216
Agender Loveby Cara Medina
The story of two 12 year best friends who have fallen in love, Elizabeth and Alissa. Little does Alissa know, Elizabeth is agender... Want to know their side? Read on. O...
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Transgender life by somebody349
Transgender lifeby somebody349
This is an actual life it's my life it is a true story and if u don't exsepet me then don't read cause I'm transgender and yea so if u don't exsepet me then don't read
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Fourth Of July by lameghosty
Fourth Of Julyby paige norman
Jasper is an ordinary boy. He has friends, good grades, all of that jazz. But like all people, Jasper has a secret. It isn't until the Fourth Of July that somebody find...
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I'm a boy by Yolo1s
I'm a boyby Yolo1s
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Constantine Pines by morningstateofmind
Constantine Pinesby morningstateofmind
a little ((venting)) trans!dipper i wrote a few nights ago during a panic attack. basically mabel comforts Connie, letting her know that it's okay to feel completely o...
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Bundled by clowen
Bundledby J.C. Lowery
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If Only... by DinosaurTree
If DinosaurTree
What is a man? The definition is "an adult human male". What if you're not male physically, but rather mentally... are you still a man?
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Coming Out! by VampyandMsKneeSox
Coming Out!by Mara and Jenni
A short set of comedic coming out stories
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Magenta's Perfect Day (how the patriarchy was destroyed) by kanndinhast666
Magenta's Perfect Day (how the Mallory
Magenta Starlight Granger is your typical american girl. Except she's actually a horse. Join her in this adventure as she dismantles the patriarchy, destroys systematic...
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•Stranded• ( Gender Identity ) by Julescx
•Stranded• ( Gender Identity )by Jules Cid.
It's not my skin . Everyday i have to fight into a losing battle with my other side that is buried deep inside . That keeps scratching to show up that keeps screaming i...
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Birthday Song- #WattPride by Thug_Life_GreenApple
Birthday Song- #WattPrideby DA BES DADDU
His friend came out for him. This is the story of Tyler and why his birthday becams the best day of his life.
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Transhidden by thebrokenstardust
Transhiddenby Blake
"My parents tell me I'm a girl, so why do I feel like a boy?"
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Meeting James. by neverBflat
Meeting Hannah
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Unhappy // Transgendered by ik_ben_blij
Unhappy // Transgenderedby Madi
This is just the thoughts of a transgendered MTF. I'm not Transgendered and in no way trying to claim that this is the thought process, this just what I imagined. I kind...
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