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The Stray by caninepaws
The Strayby caninepaws
STRONG THEMES She was.. Lost. Loved. Praised. Stolen. Fought. Beat. Stolen from her home and cast into the violent life of dog fighting, Lola must conform or be crushed...
  • dog
  • dogfighting
  • pups
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Life of a Rescuer by Pitties4Evr
Life of a Rescuerby Elli Mae
My name is Alisa Green. I am a Pit Bull rescuer. This is my story.
  • tia
  • broken
  • paper
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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
  • running
  • run
  • stop
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The Older Swan Sister by shadowluver15
The Older Swan Sisterby shadowluver15
Bella had an older sister. Her sister was special, unique. Everyone loved her but also pitied her.... She hated it. Meet Astrid Lily Swan. Bella's older sister by a year...
  • edward
  • paullahote
  • eclipse
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PitBull by XGreyWayX
PitBullby Jessie
A girl was diagnosed with a fairly common disorder, and she felt like her life has come to an end. She was told that it would go away, but every second of having it felt...
  • disability
  • love
  • wonderland
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Pitbulls and Parolees love story with Kanani by Blackfox_Jazmynwing
Pitbulls and Parolees love story w...by Savannah =^.^=
Olivia Vixon was framed for theft. After she was released she got a job at Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans where she met the most amazing friends she could ever...
  • love
  • pitbulls
My Zombie Apocalypse (Chose your own adventure)COMPLETE by AllyKat5678
My Zombie Apocalypse (Chose your o...by AllyKat5678
*I do not own any of the pictures in this story and expect spelling mistakes* highest rateing #1 in survival will you survive a zombie apocolypse that came without warn...
  • zombies
  • puppy
  • complet
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I Wanna be a Billionaire by QuetzalPretzel
I Wanna be a Billionaireby QuetzalPretzel
Marley Robin Green, a fairly ordinary girl who doesn't consider herself to be super special. Marley has a few secrets she hopes to keep in her small bubble, but some of...
  • secret
  • white
  • bridgitmendler
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Mr. Worldwide (Pitbull Fanfic) by pitlandia
Mr. Worldwide (Pitbull Fanfic)by pitlandia
  • rapper
  • lukehemmings
  • jlo
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The Alphas Broken Human by Whitewolves140
The Alphas Broken Humanby Audrey stewart
Book two of the alpha's series. I'm Isabella you may know me Xavier's ex-mute human, yeah well this is how it goes after the sleaze cheated on me. I move around a lot...
  • undo
  • unlovable
  • werewolf
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Individual Animal Roleplay by LibertyHound
Individual Animal Roleplayby spring kid
Just like the other ones, with a few updated additions.
  • adventure
  • bulldogs
  • cats
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The Wonderful Collection of Tom Hardy and Dogs by Aggro_Tuna
The Wonderful Collection of Tom Ha...by Aggro_Tuna
Prepare yourself for some freaking adorable photos
  • pitbull
  • actor
  • puppies
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Mrs. Worldwide | Pitbull X Reader by ImaKitchenSink2
Mrs. Worldwide | Pitbull X Readerby ImaKitchenSink2
"Oh, and to your left you'll see the school's biggest playboys. Steve Buscemi, Owen Wilson, and Pitbull."
  • funny
  • sailormoon
  • meme
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The Bulletproof Pitbull (Completed) by Lucid_Zodiac
The Bulletproof Pitbull (Completed)by Yeeting Yot
Bullet started out as a puppy in North Dakota, put for sale there with all of her siblings, and was adopted by a dogfighting owner who put her in a dogfighting ring and...
  • animals
  • happyending
  • faith4pitbulls
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"Dale" (pitbull fanfic) by mrsxworldwide
"Dale" (pitbull fanfic)by mrsxworldwide
what would happen if you met the love of your life ? well that's what happened to Hannah Morris , and that love , just so happened to be Pitbull .
  • love
  • pitbull
  • dale
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The stray dogs by bullypit224
The stray dogsby bullypit224
A story of a stray dog who struggles. But one day he gets a rest
  • animals
  • adventure
  • pitbulls
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Smile  by zanthenewt
Smile by Kay Rose Zan
There are those who face prejudice everyday, judged for crimes they didn't commit, simply based on their appearance. It only takes one person reach out and bridge that...
  • prejudice
  • poem
  • minority
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Sprinkles:A pitbull's rescue by jbuggy100
Sprinkles:A pitbull's rescueby #Weirdosquad
⚠ WARNING⚠ May contain mild violence, as one would see in a dog fight. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION, BUT IS BASED ON THE REALITY SO MANY PITBULLS AND OTHER DOGS FACE...
  • pitbullawareness
  • standup4pitbulls
  • pitbulls
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Rosewood Kennels by WooziPoo
Rosewood Kennelsby WooziPoo
The story of a dog from a reputable breeder.
  • breeding
  • pitbulls
  • kennel
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Can I Pet Your Dog? -An EraserMic OneShot- by AleishaFerard
Can I Pet Your Dog? -An EraserMic...by Aleisha Ferard
What happens when two people of different backgrounds meet over a dog? What happens when they eventually fall for one another? Do they find a life full of love or will i...
  • yamadahizashi
  • mha
  • pitbull
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