Never Say Never

Never Say Never

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Kerna St Fort By XBrooklyn13CubX Completed

Regret is one of the most worst emotion that you could even have. Thinking If you never did this or did that thing would of been different. 

That's what Myra feels every day of her life is regret. She blames herself for her Parents death in a car accident and ever since the horror filled sceen keep playing in her head at night making it hard and hard to forgive herself and move on. 

She's always doutting herself but just like the night her parents died her life will be changed forever when she meets someone new. But he isn't what he seems but he might be the only person that could get Myra back to as much as normal as she could be. Even If He's a Murderer he's her only hope. 

Never Say Never....Because You Will Alway Be Proven Wrong
( This is a Werewolf, Romance and Teen Fiction)

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xxXKayaXxx xxXKayaXxx Sep 11, 2013
Wow! Great beginning. This is the second story of yours that I have read. The content and your writing style make me want to read all your work. Keep it up your on a roll.
XBrooklyn13CubX XBrooklyn13CubX Mar 04, 2013
@SourApples1234 Yeah, I get that a lot but this story has nothing to do  with Justin Bieber. Matter of fact I published this story before his song Never Say Never came out or at least i didn't hear of it until afterwards.. Well I'm glad you like it so far!
fusionmaniac2008 fusionmaniac2008 Oct 12, 2012
Great story some spelling errors but hey who doesn't. But over all I really enjoed I don't know if your going to do a sequel but I think you should with cole and brielle I think it would be a great story and I think a lot can be done with it keep up the great work
MySilverDust MySilverDust Jun 17, 2012
There are some misspelled words, but all and all, the story is flawless and unique! :-)
BellsxSweets BellsxSweets May 23, 2012
It's really like how should I say this, its interesting like your left wondering what will happened next...In my head I'm drawing conclusions but I should probably read more so I won't get the wrong idea. I wonder how the parents died hmm... Good so far. :)
invisiblestarynight invisiblestarynight Feb 17, 2012
Awww. . . . so sad.  :'(  And on Valentine's Day. . . I love the story line so far.