His Rejection Killed Me...Almost. (COMPLETED) by iheartZaynM
His Rejection Killed J. Ludwig
The constant pressure to be perfect the tormenting, the name calling...that's what pushed her over the edge. Kate Mauren is the second born daughter to the Alpha of the...
  • love
  • lust
  • werewolf
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Golden (#Wattys2018) by NobodyGirl
Golden (#Wattys2018)by NobodyGirl
He breaks the kiss, tearing his lips from mine and connecting our foreheads instead. We hold on, arms wrapping around each other and I'm afraid to let him go. My legs fe...
  • love
  • fate
  • desire
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Here to Win Rewrite (Walker Boys Sequel) by knightsrachel
Here to Win Rewrite (Walker Boys Rachel
Completed. Mason Walker has always been referred to as the "Olympian" in his family. But now, he actually has a chance for that to finally come true. All the h...
  • college
  • teenfiction
  • youngadult
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Hades by killingmesoftly__
Hadesby hiatus
highest ranking - #21 in fantasy! and i'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, i'd find you and i'd choose you. - in whic...
  • persephone
  • fantasy
  • rewrite
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Come Back To Bite Me (Damon Salvatore pairing) by insaneredhead
Come Back To Bite Me (Damon insaneredhead
Once upon a human life Damon Salvatore married his childhood sweetheart and best friend Rowena Gilbert, but then Katherine Pierce stole his heart and his sweetheart was...
  • thevampirediaries
  • exhusbands
  • thehuntress
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read the tittle jit - "why is it called confidential?" "anything and everything that goes down in here, stays in here. get with it jiggy." - #1 in Ja...
  • humor
  • freshlee
  • jackjohnson
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Blood Bites (M|M, COMPLETE) by Reaper8439979
Blood Bites (M|M, COMPLETE)by Reaper
The highest rating is #17 in vampire!! --- This is a re-write of the Blood Series, Blood Gang and Bloodlust. A long time ago, two brothers ruled the vampire kingdom. Bu...
  • vampires
  • fantasy
  • vampire
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Deal • jb • REWRITE by btwitssurina
Deal • jb • REWRITEby ❝ SURINA ❞
If you were told to protect the daughter of Salvatore Moretti, would you do it? Swearing by loyalty, Justin can't help but feel like he's making the right choice when h...
  • rewrite
  • sexscenes
  • violence
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The Alpha's Lost Mate by BrilliantCrescent
The Alpha's Lost Mateby BrilliantCrescent
"Bryson, where are you? Why haven't you come to get me? Who are you?" I don't know who Bryson is. I don't know if he's a figment of my imagination or from a t...
  • bryson
  • werewolf
  • featured
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The Black Swan - Rewrite (Jasper Hale) by insaneredhead
The Black Swan - Rewrite (Jasper insaneredhead
Lupe O'Ryan is the result of an affair between 16 year old Ashlee Swan and married 39 year old Billy Black. Lupe is a troubled young girl, but Jasper Hale finds his empa...
  • blackswan
  • bellaswan
  • twilight
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Percy Jackson: Life In The Land Beyond The Gods [The Completed Rewrite] by Multi-Gamer10
Percy Jackson: Life In The Land Multi-Gamer10
[Book 1 (rewritten)] Perseus Achilles Jackson. The Seaweed Brain, Kelp Head, Sea Spawn. When unforeseen circumstances lead to an almost-fatal dispute between father and...
  • nicodiangelo
  • frankzhang
  • rewrite
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Love Struck | ✓ by lovelyness-
Love Struck | ✓by :)
Highest Rank - #412 in teen fiction . [ COMPLETED ] 1. Find the perfect match. 2. Pull a few heart strings. 3. Leave them love struck. Three simple steps is all it took...
  • selenagomez
  • teen
  • lovestruck
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Followed (Complete) by Sinful-stories
Followed (Complete)by *SCREECHING*
What happens when a stalker starts to follow 15 year old idol, Kazuko Kimi? Well, she moves away, cuts her hair, and acts as a boy. But what happens when this certain id...
  • tamaki
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
  • ohshc
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Tightly Knit | Fred Weasley by PseudoNymphadora
Tightly Knit | Fred Weasleyby N̶y̶m̶p̶h̶a̶dora Tonks
[Rewrite of the 2016 Watty Award Winner] Life started off complicated for young Eleanor Ross after being born to a muggle mother while showing her magical capabilities a...
  • nixiedover
  • hufflepuff
  • tightlyknit
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Falling For You ((Ohshc)) by squigglepanda
Falling For You ((Ohshc))by Squiggle
Frobidden Love rewrite. Takashi Morinozuka x male! Reader
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
  • hikaru
  • tamaki
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[Haitus] Haunted || DP/YJ (PhantomFlash) by Beatnix
[Haitus] Haunted || DP/YJ ( ✌low empathy levels✌
"Whoa, whoa wait. You want me- a fifteen-year-old dead kid to join a team of teenage superheroes because you haven't found a way to stop me if I use my powers for e...
  • wallywest
  • slowburn
  • rewrite
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Charming (Discontinued) by xXAmourBeastXx
Charming (Discontinued)by xXAmourBeastXx
"You ready Pikachu" The electric Pokemon squealed "3..2..1 lets go" When a boy by the name of Ash Ketchum when goes to school he instantly gets po...
  • rewrite
  • calem
  • pokemon
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Broken [rewrite] // HIATUS by jswizzles
Broken [rewrite] // HIATUSby Jazz ☽
"It's sad nobody ever knows how much someone is actually hurting... Someone right next to you could be completely broken and you wouldn't know." Heaven Goho is...
  • broken
  • isaiahnilsson
  • heavengoho
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The Rising of Merlin by Teekalin
The Rising of Merlinby Teekalin
Merlin has lived for almost 1400 years without intervening with the wizard world. But when the time comes that he no longer can ignore Harry's need for help he decides t...
  • rewrite
  • âu
  • harrypotter
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The Heir of Grindelwald (On Hold) by cc-riley
The Heir of Grindelwald (On Hold)by Cecilia Riley
Victoria Grindelwald, the only child of one Gellert Grindelwald. Growing up Victoria was in Wool's Orphanage. The same orphanage Tom Riddle was raised in. Victoria felt...
  • severussnape
  • goldentrio
  • gellertgrindelwald
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