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Hell Above by OfMiceandTacos
Hell Aboveby OfMiceandTacos
My name is Kenny Fuentes. Yes that means Vic Fuentes is my dad, but he doesn't care about me. All he's done for me is pay child support up until my mom died when I was t...
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Pen Pals (EDITING,, READ DESCRIPTION)  by perrypanties
Jodi is the outcast, the disliked one, and the unfortunate one. But when her teacher assigns her class to do a pen pals project with a famous idol of her choice, what wi...
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Their baby sister  by Teenwolfmk55
Their baby sister by Mak
Lilly Fuentes, She's a 7 year old little girl. She might be young but her life is horrible. Her older brothers are Mike and Vic Fuentes, drummer and singer for the band...
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Band Imagines/Preferences by GayAssFanFiction
Band Imagines/Preferencesby fuckoff
PTV, SWS, OM&M, BMTH, ATL ect. imagines/preferences Every single imagine is 100% mine!!! Requests by PM please!! I write smut and clean
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Savior:: Frank Iero by Poisonpottorff
Savior:: Frank Ieroby Neck Dip
She fell in love with a boy A boy with a few tattoos and a broken heart All copyrights to ©Fuentes101
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Bruised Broken And Alone (Completed) by Justanotheremogirl23
Bruised Broken And Alone (Complete...by Aysia
~I'm the type of girl that will sit in the bathroom and cry and walk out and act like nothing happened~ Meet Alexandria, or Alexa as she likes to be called. 16 years old...
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Lost In Darkness by Lunatic_Princess_66
Lost In Darknessby Lexi V
She's the little sister of a rock star. She has just quit her job after being beaten, injured, and hurt by everyone there. She's been heart broken by the man she loved...
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Her 9 Mates by the_cute_kitten
Her 9 Matesby the_cute_kitten
Ariana is a 17 year old girl who comes from a broken home. Her mom is constantly drinking and her dad abuses her. What happens when she runs away and witnesses a murder...
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Tony's Mute Daughter  by Teenwolfmk55
Tony's Mute Daughter by Mak
Sarah is a 13 year old girl. She's been diagnosed Mute by social anxiety, and has panic attacks frequently, some for no reason at all. Her mom hates her. She doesn't kn...
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Adopted by Pierce The Veil {Book 1} *EDITED* by alwaystiredsara
Adopted by Pierce The Veil {Book 1...by Sara Marie
Jaycee is what you would call a "misfit". While she doesn't really act like one, she looks like one. She suffers from sever depression, although she doesn't sh...
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Missing The Mark (Kellic)  by victurdfuentits
Missing The Mark (Kellic) by A Vic Enthusiast
SEQUEL TO MEXICAN SNIPER. (contains spoilers of the first book) Kellin Quinn has yet again been dragged into the world of gangs, drug lords and the assassins that are...
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Oh, Calamity! » a.k by lost-inorbit
Oh, Calamity! » a.kby nønnie
" it's such a shame that we play strangers " #1 in waterparks as of June 3, 2018 #1 in awsten knight as of January 18, 2019 #1 in alternative as of January 21...
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Dada Imagines  by LastThief
Dada Imagines by -xoZowie
parent! x child!Reader
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Group Chat -Ryden- by luxuryproblems
Group Chat -Ryden-by tiny meat gang
beebo urine: who the fuck is ryro ross and why is he in this chat ryro ross: literally die brendon possible trigger warnings: swearing and caps lock this is mainly ryde...
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Weird Kids Group Chat (bandfic) by Run-Dont-Walk
Weird Kids Group Chat (bandfic)by ~Robs from Pvramorミ~
*alexgascarf has created the group* --- Includes: All Time Low, Lynn Gunn, Vic Fuentes, Hayley Williams, Josh Franceschi, Jenna McDougall, Tay Jardine, Taylor Momsen, Co...
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The Stray || Kellic ✔ by kelliclashton
The Stray || Kellic ✔by kelliclashton
In which the schools outcast and the schools class president get paired up for a project
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I watch you like a hawk _Oli Sykes Fanfiction by OthiliaPedersen
I watch you like a hawk _Oli Sykes...by OthiliaPedersen
Kathryn Hail has had her fair share of sorrow and traumatic experiences in her life. Now, she is the lead vocalist of the band Shattered Dreams that she founded after he...
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Hurt (Kellic) by JustThePlanets
Hurt (Kellic)by Ray ✨
your words hurt more than any hit ever could (abuse/transphobia/dysphoria tw)
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Pierce the Veil Imagines//Preferences by xomissjen
Pierce the Veil Imagines//Preferen...by Jen
Request an imagine for Vic, Mike, Jaime, Tony, Danielle, Alysha, Jess or Erin. **Requests are CLOSED**
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