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✔ As The World Dies || Lee Cheongsan × Female Reader by aesthetickooky97
✔ As The World Dies || Lee Yoongi_is_bae
Kim Y/n, a sweet, caring and joyful girl, loves to help people. She takes care of everyone around her and is very careful of her surroundings. But a dark truth is hidden...
TRAPPED  by taekooker_heart
TRAPPED by Tamanna
Taehyung Is Trapped Boy × Boy Horror Force Rape Character Death Smut Plot Twist TOP : Jeongguk BOTTOM : Taehyung
Paranoid Bosses Are All My Boyfriend by Natsume37
Paranoid Bosses Are All My Natsume37
[Warning! This story is Machine Translated] Author : 小白莲一柏君 Summary: [I could have endured the darkness, if I had never seen the sun. ] Su Jingyan is the npc in...
Stuck In A Reverse Yandere Harem by ChillinAva
Stuck In A Reverse Yandere Haremby ChillinAva
"You've always thought with your mind instead of your emotions, haven't you? Well, that was the biggest downfall, wasn't it?" (Y/n) (L/n) wasn't the type of pe...
Cold Mafia Husband | | J.JK FF by kookie_kpopfics
Cold Mafia Husband | | J.JK FFby park jiwoo
"why you behave like this to me...?" She said. "shut up...!" He point his gun on her head. "good bye wifie.....!" He pull the trigger. #2 b...
Riansh- Os- Novel by UfitinemaYvette
Riansh- Os- Novelby Ufitinema Yvette
Some os of our lovely couple riansh If I have something to post, i will post it on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Maybe Saturday Best rankings: 10.02.2021: #1 in thiller ...
My Deadly Secret Admirer.. by RelivetheNightmare
My Deadly Secret xXxNightViolaxXx
Nikki Burke has been always loved by secret admirers... Nothing much really just guys who are shy to tell face to face. When Nikki’s boyfriend was found gruesomely murde...
Kamu & Mimpiku by Raalxyw
Kamu & Mimpikuby Daisyy
⚠️ FOLLOW DAN VOTE SEBELUM MEMBACA ⚠️ ________________________________ Alora Raspati Cendana, atau kerap dipanggil dengan Alora atau Ara. Ialah gadis unik dengan keras k...
Danger force Chapa + rays daughter (reader) by floss256
Danger force Chapa + rays Yea
What if Ray Manchester had a daughter
Rivero Decaying by JasmineSiller
Rivero Decayingby j.
Book #1 in the Decaying Series The city that never sleeps is now closing her eyes for good. As something weird happens. It was a cold day when shit hit the fan for New Y...
The Haunted House by kimyuhi728
The Haunted Houseby Kim yuhi
What if Blackpink and Jiwoo(y/n) shift to an old mansion which turn out to be haunted? Characters: Jennie Kim (Jennie) 22 years old Lalisa Monoban (Lisa) 20 years old Ki...
Santiago Rising by JasmineSiller
Santiago Risingby j.
Book#2 in the Decaying Series. On a routine call rookie cop, Haley Santiago and her partner arrive only to feel the effect of the explosion that rocks one part of the Ci...
Guide To The Backrooms by chaexwn
Guide To The Backroomsby chxwn
This is a guide book to the BACKROOMS It includes a brief introduction to the Backrooms, all levels, entities, objects, and fan-made levels. - Pictures do not belong to...
(Yandere Uta x Reader) xXx I might eat you up xXx(discontinue) by LunarChoasDragon
(Yandere Uta x Reader) xXx I LunarChoasDragon
"I won't hurt you unless....." says Uta. Holding you his arms. You soon realized that you been save by ghoul.Who you least expect to be your savior after almos...
Bleed Myself Dry by vintagegreaser17
Bleed Myself Dryby Brooke Hylland
17 year old Brooke moves to Santa Carla with her small family. Abusive family. Her mom and dad had her young, and ever since then, they've hated her. All she wants is to...
The Disappearance of Alex by AshRose69
The Disappearance of Alexby Ash<3
Book cover photo found on pinterest - minus the words "How are you feeling, sweetheart?" .. "My eye hurts." She said, the sadistic smile evident i...
Height Of Fears book 1 by RoryPrado
Height Of Fears book 1by Rory
Measure Monitors, a wierd alien monster, that is extremely smart, invade the earth, and children, because of all their fears, are the target. No child is safe....The Mea...
With You [SELESAI]  by manduberuangkecil
With You [SELESAI] by Beruang mandu
Follow sebelum baca! Perkelahian sengit diantara kedua belah pihak yang membuat seorang wanita tewas membuat Alvaro terpaksa berhenti dan menghunuskan sebuah belati kep...
A TALE FROM THE PAGES OF PAST  by ironlegoinaire
The mystery which revolved around her death is close to conclusion but will this lead to answers or more mystery she doubt anyone would know. In search of her reason of...
Part of Me -- Jasper Hale by TheEmmysShow
Part of Me -- Jasper Haleby TheEmmysShow
Carlisle Cullen has a younger sister in New York?! These are the twisted tales of what happens when Alice has visions of Jasper’s new fate with her. Violence, rape, and...